ALL FOR YOU was Namie Amuro’s 25th single. It was released on July 22, 2005 and reached number 6 on the charts with 28,003 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 112,558+ copies, making it the first of her three consecutive 100,000 selling singles. The title track was used as the theme song for the drama Kimi ga Omoide ni Naru no Mai ni. This was the second single in the Queen of Hip-Pop Era.

ALL FOR YOU - Namie Amuro

2. butterfly
3. ALL FOR YOU (Instrumental)
4. butterfly (Instrumental)

Needless to say I’m assuming that most people will realize that ALL FOR YOU is a ballad. I absolutely loved the opening of this song, the piano with the strings were so classical and just stunning. The snaps were actually pretty good, they went pretty well with the piano. The verses need some work to say the least, but it was good overall. The one thing that blew me away was the chorus. The strings gained strength and sounded even more stunning than before. Not only that Namie’s vocals were stronger and more powerful, more emotion too. I didn’t mind that it wasn’t all that catchy mostly because it sounded so flawless and heavenly. I also loved how she incorporated some English during the chorus. I wasn’t all that crazy about the background vocals that much though. But I still enjoyed the song all the same, I guess it was because it was so dramatic, so epic, so phenomenal.

A little more on the island side is butterfly. The music seems to be a mixture of so many genres. I hear island sporadically, hip-hop beats, and the occasional jazz I guess. Either way, it’s rather confusing but still good. The chronic beats aren’t all that bad but can getting annoying easily after a while. I did love Namie’s vocals though, they were pleasant and not too bad. I honestly can say though that I couldn’t stand the chorus of this song. It was so repetitive and so boring. And the instrumentals were too overwhelming for the song. This was was just way to chaotic and too bland for me.

Overall Review: ALL FOR YOU was such a heavenly treasure. The title track was one of her most beautiful ballads ever and it’s certainly one of her most memorable. I was just so shocked that Namie was able to sing such a profound and flawless ballad. I wasn’t all that thrilled with the B-Side it was just way to weird and it didn’t fit with the title track. They were way to conflicting in theme and in genre. I did love the cover though, she looked like a princess. Another magnificent single in the Queen of Hip-Pop Era.

Final Grade: 97A

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    die… looky looky what i found.

    since wiki.theppn is down, and pretty much everyone is affected by it, perhaps this can help you on the info for newer stuff…

  2. noahfurlani says:

    wiki.theppn is back up! yeah! finally I can get my info!

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