Potential Breakup Song

Potential Breakup Song was Ami Suzuki’s 28th single. It was released on November 11, 2007 and reached number 34 on the charts with 4,151 copies sold, but it peaked at 16. In all it would go on to sell over 5,956+ copies. The title track was used as the theme song for the Japanese horror movie X-Cross, which Ami stared in. Following the trend of her previous singles, this song’s collaborators were Aly & Aj and SUGIURUMN. This was the second and final single in the DOLCE Era.

Potential Breakup Song - Ami Suzuki

1. Potential Breakup Song
2. feel the beat
3. Potential Breakup Song (sugiurumn remix)
4. Potential Breakup Song (Instrumental)

The first song featured on this single is entitled Potential Breakup Song. This is actually cover song of the same name by Aly & Aj. But unlike most cover songs, it’s done in Japanese and actually features Aly & Aj, in other words, they actually sing a few lines and in Japanese too. Unlike the original song, which featured a pop sound, this cover features a more prominent dance or club sound. The music was surprisingly catchy and I love the castanets too, odd yet very effective. Ami’s vocals were excellent in this song, and I even enjoyed Aly & Aj’s vocals too. I loved how they sang in the background and how they even sang in Japanese! But still Ami dominated this song. The chorus was a particular highlight and it was stupendous. It was fast paced and rather infectious. The music was what really made it amazing for the most part, the other had to have been Ami’s vocals!

The next song feel the beat is perhaps one of her longest and annoying songs to date. This time the collaborator is SUGIURUMN. It’s an extremely long winded song at just over eight minutes. The music is predominantly heavy dance music. The only thing Ami sings in this song is just “I feel the beat” for the most part, and it gets annoying after a while. Well she sings more but it’s very bland, I mean it was all in English and it still sounded horrible. I honestly think the song is focused more on the beats rather than Ami’s vocals. Thank goodness it was shortened on the album, otherwise it would have been worse.

Finishing up the single for the most part is Potential Breakup Song (sugiurumn remix). This remix is remixed by SUGIURUMN, and it’s not all that bad. Although the beginning sounds strange and out of place, it eventually transforms into a slower version of the original music. That and there are more beats infused. After that it gets so much better, you can actually hear some great vocals unlike the previous song, you just have to endure the long intro. The vocals in this song are also prolonged and it’s not half bad. One good thing is that you can actually hear but everyone is singing now that it’s been slowed down.

Overall Review: Potential Breakup Song was a flawless, club single. Everything about this single echoed that stereotypical club feel. The title track was such an amazing cover and very unique. It’s pretty memorable as a song, and as a PV, but I won’t get into that. I do wish that the B-side could have been better but overall it was tolerable. I loved the remix of the title track, it might have been prolonged but it was impressive nonetheless, and more understandable to some degree. I was thrilled that this single had one theme, and that naturally was a club theme; as most singles seem to be so chaotic and have no central theme. What an impressive way to end the DOLCE Era.

Final Review: 97A


5 Responses to “Potential Breakup Song”
  1. Lex says:

    Hey Die! Answering your question, I got those DOLCE pics from her official website when the album had that layout. I had to make screencap of the pics since they were from Flash. I know you can find those pics at her artist proile at last.fm. Here’s a link and check out the gallery: http://www.last.fm/music/%E9%88%B4%E6%9C%A8%E3%81%82%E3%81%BF

  2. rr1-1 says:

    OMG! Where did you find that picture of her in the banner?!

  3. amaiyume says:

    OMG I LOVED feel the beat. Of all the songs released before DOLCE [FREE FREE, SUPER MUSIC MAKER, Potential Breakup Song and feel the beat], it’s my favorite!!!

    I agree with you though on the focus being more on the beat just like climb up to the top or edge [the B-side of the love the world single](Perfume) and I think these tend to be the better than other B-sides like A token of love…

    Although feel the beat is so long, I think it’s mega addictive 🙂

  4. Die says:

    I had to look everywhere to find those two pictures lol. And it took forever, but I eventually found it on facebook believe it or not. It was all under Ami Suzuki (artist).

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