Blue Vibration / Kaze no Kioku ~to the end of the world~

Blue Vibration / Kaze no Kioku ~to the end of the world~ was Aimmy’s debut single. It was released on September 24, 2008 and reached number 186 on the charts with 372 copies sold. The song Blue Vibration was used as the theme song for MUSIC B.B. And the second title track was the theme song for the anime World Destruction: Sekai Bokumetsu no Rokunin.

Blue Vibration / Kaze no Kioku ~to the end of the world~ - Aimmy

1. Blue Vibration
2. Kaze no Kioku ~to the end of the world~
3. Blue Vibration (Instrumental)
4. Kaze no Kioku ~to the end of the world~ (Instrumental)

For some reason I decided to give Aimmy and her debut single a try, and I must admit that I now love Blue Vibration! Now some background info before I actually review. It turns out that her real name is Manami Watanabe, and she’s the vocalist for the duo Jyukai. When I initially heard the beginning with the distorted vocals and synth beats I though the song would be all Perfume or Ami like, but then the guitars started to play and I knew that it’d be more rock then anything, either one is fine by me. Her normal vocals were great but nothing special honestly, but I did love the music. The music was such a thrill, it was a pure rock sensation, until the chorus. And the chorus was a surprise, I thought those awesome distorted vocals were gone but they returned. It turned out to be more catchy than ever. I especially loved it how it was in English and the fact it was so catchy, even though it was short. Overall I’m impressed, she was able to master two genres in one song, and it was a unique yet stunning combination.

Kaze no Kioku ~to the end of the world~ is a little more on the darker side, well there are definitely some more emotional vocals. The lonely guitar is present during the beginning before it’s followed by the drums, creating a beautiful rock song. Like I said before, the vocals were amazing, there was more power and a heck of a lot more emotion present. The verses were surprisingly good, it was very smooth, and it sounded great. The chorus had a sad atmosphere to it, must be in the instrumentals. But I loved the vocals, even though they might have been high I still enjoyed them. Overall I liked this song, just not as much as the previous track. And it featured some great English!

Overall Review: Blue Vibration / Kaze no Kioku ~to the end of the world~ was an astonishing debut. I was completely mesmerized by the firs title track and it’s infectious vocals and powerful rock instrumentals. The second title track wasn’t as good as the first, but I still enjoyed it. I was somewhat of a rock ballad, but I think it needed more variety and more power. Although I see why it was used as a theme song, it’s quite fitting. An impressive debut, although I’m not crazy about the cover. Now I can’t wait for her next single!

Final Grade: 95A



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