Trust was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 3rd single. It was released on August 5, 1998 and reached number 9 on the charts with 32,460 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 181,820+ copies. This was her first single to chart in the top 10. The title track was used in a CM for Kaou’s Sofiina Oobu Ruujufiiria. It was the third single in the A Song for XX Era.

Trust - Ayumi Hamasaki

1. Trust
2. Trust (Acoustic Version)
3. Trust (Instrumental)

To think that it’s been over 10 years since Ayumi recorded Trust. It’s definitely one of her older pop inspired tunes from so many years ago. The background music makes it more evident, and with the piano playing it’s rather lovely. Ayu’s vocals were great in this song, but you can tell that it’s been a while since she’s recorded this song. Her vocals were a lot higher back then. Anyway, this song featured a surprisingly catchy chorus. It featured the keyboard, and electric guitar, stereotypical of some of her early work. I think what made it sound so good were her high vocals and the melody naturally. Either way it was great. And the electric guitar solo as the bridge was fierce yet fitting somehow.

Truthfully the Acoustic Version of Trust is more ballad like than anything. The piano playing chronically really make it more ballad than acoustic. The vocals are the same so there’s no problem there. The song is still fast paced and pretty good overall. But I still love the original better.

Overall Review: Trust was stereotypical 90’s pop! The single is a bit nostalgic, very reminiscent of the 1990’s, those instrumentals were just so amazing! I really had no problem with this single, it’s very good. Ayu’s vocals just sound different but that’s what happens after 10 years I guess. Either way she’s still amazing. The acoustic version was odd, not very acoustic, more ballad. Not bad for her first top charting single.

Final Grade: 94A-


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