shine more

shine more was Namie Amuro’s 22nd single. It was released on March 5, 2003 and reached number 8 on the charts. In all this single has sold over 52,268+ copies. This single was released less than a month after her SUITE CHIC, and became her first single as an R&B artist. It was also the second single in the STYLE Era.

shine more - Namie Amuro

1. shine more
2. Drive
3. shine more (Instrumental)
4. Drive (Instrumental)

Well I wasn’t expecting the strings in the beginning of shine more. But afterwards when the beats entered I knew that Namie’s R&B career had begun. The beats were infectious and so addictive. The vocals were amazing, I actually didn’t mind the background vocals either. The verses were rather interesting, very easy of the ears. The chorus on the other hand was amazing!!! True R&B with the instrumentals and vocals. Not to mention the fact that it was catchy. It actually reminds me of some old R&B songs from the US so many years ago with the instrumentals. She definitely has the style down. Not bad for her first R&B single, the strings made for an interesting combination.

On the lighter side of the R&B spectrum is Drive. The sounds in the beginning were a little odd, similar to clapping yet not clapping. But on the bright side there were some distorted vocals, which were great. The verses weren’t all that catchy but they certainly were great, well they sounded great anyway. They were very smooth and easy listening. The acoustic guitar was a nice addition to the instrumentals, that and the others. The chorus was actually catchy to some degree, not too annoying, and it featured the right amount of English. I ccan seen this being featured on STYLE, too bad it wasn’t though.

Overall Review: shine more was immaculate R&B birth! Although I haven’t heard her SUITE CHIC material, I know that this single marks her first venture into R&B territory, as a solo artist with no collaborations. It was about 6 months after her last single, and it’s certainly different. It features more R&B beats, both heavy and soft. I loved how the single carried an overall theme of R&B, and how both songs were different; one was heavy R&B the other, soft southing R&B. Although I still love her next single, Put ‘Em Up, much better. What an amazing way to begin her R&B career.

Final Grade: 100A+

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