Princess ∞ Candy

Princess ∞ Candy was Mai’s 3rd single. It was released on August 16, 2006 and reached number 159 on the charts. The title track was used as the theme song for the drama Kaikan Shokunin. This was the final single in the MAISELF Era. Now before I begin the review, there are a few things I’d like to say about Mai. She originally debuted in 2003 as Ruppina with the song Free Will, which was used as a theme song for One Piece. Like her previous singles, the single’s cover and video, is au naturel.

Princess ∞ Candy - Mai

1. Princess ∞ Candy
2. Moon Tears
3. Princess ∞ Candy (Instrumental)
4. Moon Tears (Instrumental)

Honestly, the reason why I decided to hear Princess ∞ Candy was because of the cover! Long story short, I found the single cover and some scans and I decided that I had to have it. It’s very beautiful, looks natural, and so mystical. I’ve also heard a few of her other singles, and this single is by far the most unique. There are no vocal distortions and the song overall it very pop. It’s almost bubblegum pop, but not so. It’s more of a gentle free-spirited pop, not like all that extremely up-beat material. The sweet gentle background music is heavenly almost, mystical atmosphere, even with the guitar playing quietly. The beats featured aren’t all that catchy but they sound nice. And the vocals are amazing, such a nice change from mainstream. And she sounds so happy whens singing the chorus. The chorus was so fun, happy, and such a delight! With the English and all, it was so catchy, and cute too. I loved the bridge, synth and maybe a little techno, some great distortions too. I recommend you get this song, it’s worth it.

Featuring no distortions whatsoever, or any pop elements, is Moon Tears. It’s a beautiful ballad, piano driven for the most part. And although the verses didn’t sound that great, I think it was Mai’s vocals, not enough variety, I still enjoyed the song. The chorus initially wasn’t all that great either, but the instrumentals that followed, the strings, made it worth it. Afterwards it got better, more emotion and a much better chorus. Superior vocals and superior instrumentals, those strings are so beautiful and can do so much. It’s still a little too dull for my taste, but it’ll do.

Overall Review: Princess ∞ Candy was natural beauty. I can’t stress enough how much I loved this single and it’s beauty. Some look nice, but this one combines elements of the human body and the cosmos, creating a vivid and heavenly combination. But the title track is good, that’s got to be why I loved it so much. It’s unique in its style and its presentation. B-Side could have been better, but that’s not so vital. I just really loved the title track so much, that and the style. I was also thinking of making the banner using Mai as the artist and the scans, but what do you think? What a lovely and fascinating way to end the MAISELF Era.

Final Grade: 97A



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