metanoia was Yousei Teikoku’s 5th studio album, 6th in all and 2nd major release. It was released on November 7, 2007 and reached number 49 on the charts. This album was released less than six months after their previous album GOTHIC LOLITA PROPAGANDA, and featured all new songs.

metanoia - Yousei Teikoku

1. Wahrheit
2. Hades: The rise
3. Eternal Waltz
4. Haitoku no Hana
5. Purify
6. Heisoku Shinkon
7. hidden truth

Kicking off the album is Wahrheit, not sure what exactly it means, but it sounds German. There’s an ominous sound in the beginning, the church bells and organ give it a Gothic feel, no surprise there. But afterwards some more cheerful sounds begin, very slow and gentle. But just as things sound all happy, the strings pickup and then the guitar enters, makes for somewhat of a dramatic opening. The fast paced music sounds amazing, true to the classical feel too. The vocals are impressive yet again, they sound better each time I hear them. While the verses were fast and intriguing, the chorus was phenomenal. It was nice and fast, but the strings were excellent and the melody was so catchy! What an amazing opener!

Ever wonder how we got Hades: The bloody rage??? Well it might have come after Hades: The rise. That’s what made me want to listen to this particular song, and I’m glad I did. Although the opening sounded rather slow, it built up quickly to the point where it had all of these “ahhs” very ominous and dark, eerie too. Either way, it’s good. Once the guitar enters though, the song starts to get the more rock feel, yet the organ playing gives it a classical feel, odd I know, well that or a Gothic one. The instrumentals are very similar to Hades: The bloody rage. Not much of a climax, but the chorus was impressive nonetheless. Pretty catchy too, great vocals, and amazing instrumentals.

Eternal Waltz is next and from the beginning it sounding almost like a waltz, well you have to use your imagination. The piano playing thew me off a little, and the thumping too. One thing I noticed were the vocals, so cure and adorable. But then the strings pick up, giving the song a feeling of sorrow. The song overall was so repetitive, it was getting good, but then just went back to being bland. Not my favorite song on the album, that’s for sure.

The name Haitoku no Hana lit. Flower Of Immortality really made me excited about this song. The opening was astounding, a little mystical until the guitars play, but I still loved it. From there I knew it’d me one of their mid-tempo songs, similar to there latest single Weiß Flügel. The song transitions very well. I loved the vocals again, not too loud or overpowering. The chorus was solemn and yet still beautiful in a sad way. It had a depressing feel to it, must be the mid-tempo and guitar strings. This song is such a delight, you have to hear it, especially if you like their slower paced songs.

Picking up the pace is Purify. It’s more aggressive and more rock, I wasn’t all that crazy about the addition vocals in the beginning, but after that and the distorted vocals, it got so much better. It also sounded a lot more rock too. The vocals, without distortions, were superb, especially when hitting those high notes. But the one thing I couldn’t stand were the background vocals, they were so peevish and just downright annoying. The song would have been a lot better without all of the extra vocals, just so unnecessary.

After that horrible song, we come to another mid-tempo sosng entitled Heisoku Shinkon. It sounds very similar to Kegarenaki Tsuki no Doku, somewhat eerie, but slow paced overall. The vocals were soft and yet very fitting. Although towards the minute and a half point, more instrumentals were present and it got better, but just as it did, it stopped. But the last minute of the song was fantastic. It was faster, and the vocals were better. Not to mention that the song sounded more rock oriented and it was a lot better.

The final track on the album is hidden truth. It’s the shortest song on the album at just 2:34. The music is very dark and sounds so lonesome. The music box serves as the main instrumental. The vocals are actually nice. They fit create such a unique atmosphere with the music box. It wasn’t all that mind blowing or anything but it was great for a short closer.

Overall Review: metanoia was a miasma of darkness & shadows. The single feel of the album was a very dark one. But I still loved it, not your typical mainstream but I don’t care. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with broadening your music tastes. And beside all of that, I loved the albums look and feel, the scans were beautiful yet dark, and the album felt so impressive. Considering that this is the first full album I’ve listened to from them, I am so excited for all of their releases.

Final Grade: 96A


4 Responses to “metanoia”
  1. Selryam says:





  2. noahfurlani says:

    Wahrheit means Truth in German.

    you’ve sparked my interest in this band… i’ll try and get one of their albums

  3. TsubasaNatsuki says:

    I love this album! ^^
    but i have a question maybe you know the answers n.nU
    hidden truth is wahrheit but more slowly? 😛
    i think are very similar the lyrics
    and i love your page
    and yousei teikoku!!
    P.D sorry for my english u.uU

  4. Die says:

    Not sure exactly??? They do sound similar but I think they’re different, maybe. I’ll have to listen a little more.

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