Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi-

Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi- was BoA’s 5th single. It was released on March 13, 2002 and reached number 10 on the charts. In all this single has sold over 84,430+ copies. The title track was used as the fourth ending theme song for the popular anime InuYasha. It was released on the same day as her debut Japanese album LISTEN TO MY HEART.

Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi- - BoA

1. Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi-
2. Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi- (English Version)
3. Listen To My Heart (Ken Harada’s TB-Bassin’ Remix)
4. Every Heart -minna no kimochi- (Instrumental)

The song Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi- lit. Everyone’s Feelings, is what got a lot of overseas fans into BoA. Well assuming you watched InuYasha. And like all of the previous theme songs before it, like My will, Fukai Mori, and Dearest it’s certainly memorable, and a great ballad. The song begins off with such a spectacular opening, it might be short but it’s so beautiful. From there BoA sings in some rather great vocals. Now that being said, her vocals are great but her Engrish isn’t. Heart sounds more like hurt honestly but this was way back when so I’ll give her a break for now. The music is pretty gentle but slowly builds up, it’s pretty evident once the acoustic guitar begins to play then the strings. The chorus was phenomenal, very powerful, and actually memorable and somewhat catchy. I just really loved the instrumentals I guess. The constant beats didn’t hurt the song either, they were odd yet very fitting. And I loved it as the InuYasha end song, so fitting like all the others before it, and the closing scene was awesome!

While the previous track was beautiful, fantastic, phenomenal, the English Version, or Engrish as I call it, it rather lackluster. You can tell that this was recored back when, especially when you hear her vocals and her Engrish. The song still features the great instrumentals, but lacks good lyrics. Now at times they sound nice and profound, but they’re grammatically incorrect. I swear, my English teacher would have a heart attack if I said something like this.

And now we have Listen To My Heart (Ken Harada’s TB-Bassin’ Remix). The original version was fantastic, and all but this version has basically butchered it. It’s added in heavy synth/techno beats and annoying claps. They’ve also slowed down the chorus a bit, to make it sound horrific. I really miss the original now.

Overall Review: Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi- was a rather impressive single. Well impressive in this case means, began good then fell short. I loved the title track, it was fantastic but the following tracks were horrible. Now the English version wasn’t all that bad. It could have been a lot better if the lyrics made more sense and all. But the remix was just horrible, they turned a great song into a pile of trash basically. But at least the title track was profound and memorable.

Final Grade: 93B+


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