By Your Side

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted any actual review of Hikki, mostly because I’ve reviewed most of her material, well yeah most and by that I mean albums and singles, not sure about Cubic U album. Anyway I thought that it’d be a great time to review one of her few collaborations. This one is By Your Side with Kiley Dean and Timbaland. It was originally featured on the album UNITY which was the official soundtrack for the Athens 2004 Winter Olympics. That being said, it was done during her Exodus Era, and it’s actually good. So on with the review.

UNITY - Utada Hikaru and Kiely Dean and Timbaland

3. By Your Side

The only song that I’m going to review is the best on the album, By Your Side. The song begins with a rather infectious beat, then some amazing strings. The vocals in this song are off the charts. Even though Kiley’s vocals seem to overwhelm Hikki’s they’re still good. I just wish she sung a little more, Kiley was just a little too vocal if you know what I mean. The lyrics are in all English and they’re beautiful. You might even call them relate -able or profound. The verses aren’t bland and are amazing. The chorus was phenomenal, so beautiful, and so catchy. I do wish though that there was a better climax and change of music for it though. I still don’t know what Timbaland did, maybe he’s the producer? I just love this song so much, one of her best English works.

4 Responses to “By Your Side”
  1. blackmager says:

    I have never heard of this song.
    I love you now.

  2. Die says:

    aw thanks 😀 There are a few others too, so I might add them up later.

  3. Selryam says:

    Okay, so, wait, this confused me…

    So you mention By Your Side a lot, including for the sample, but you say UNITY in the tracklisting… So…

    What’s being reviewed now? @__@

    Sorry if this is just me being dense.

  4. Die says:

    Opps, I did this late at night…sorry about that. I just edited it, it is By Your Side.

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