After a few days of the promo, the official PV of TABOO has been released! Now that being said, to date, this is one of her most promiscuous videos ever! I mean the dance moves are nice and all, but most of the video features some taboos, maybe that’s the purpose of it, kinda sneaky and a little ironic too. It features some rather slutty yet amazing cool bathroom scenes, well Kuu looks good, nothing too naughty. And to top it off, lots of girl on girl kissing, that and some guys kissing too; so please don’t comment saying that you hate it because of that. Comments are appreciated, but no hateful comments. The video is a little bizarre but it’s good, provocative but good. It’s definitely more naughty and a hell of a lot hotter than BUT, and a better dance track. Just give the video a shot. I know that it features some social TABOOs, but it’s worth the watch. I just wonder how the Japanese media will deal with it. Maybe the -ANOTHER EDITION- of the PV will be less provocative. So what do you think?


credit: doobie@JPS
Picture from J-Pop Select

14 Responses to “TABOO PV”
  1. Jin says:

    I really do think it’s her most tempting video yet. XD Either way, I absolutely love the song and the video. Kumi looks gorgeous. 😛
    Anyoen else notice the similarity between the hairstyle she used in the bathroom scene and Fergie’s hair in the “Clumsy” video? Not that I’m a fan or anything, I’ve just seen it once or twice. <-< Really… v-v

  2. Jin says:

    p.s./I forgot
    Nice new banner. 😀 I’m diggin the disco balls 8)

  3. Die says:

    Thanks! I was gonna add more, but there’s only so much you can do with two pictures xD

    As for the Kuu video, I loved it, and she was hot! She’s back! Haven’t heard much about the Fergie hair, but a lot of people are saying that her hairstyle in the final scene, where she looks like a maid, looks like Namie’s, either way it’s good.

  4. solarblade says:

    yay for girls and guys kissing…shows them haters!

    I was like watching it and i was choking on my snacks when i saw all that going on.

  5. Die says:

    I was shocked by it too, thought it was a little reminiscent of BUT, but once they added I guess my jaw dropped, that and the bathroom scene. Very interesting scenes, taboo for the most part, but I guess that’s the point of the video.

  6. blackmager says:

    And I always thought American and Britney Spears had sexual videos.
    I was proven wrong.
    i actually haven’t watched the video or heard the song.
    But seeing all these screencaps from you and Raid has given me the general idea of the PV.

  7. Selryam says:

    Kuu’s bathroom hair really looks a lot like Namie’s hair in the NEW LOOK video. @_@

    That aside, I’m not actually a huge fan of the song, and I thought the video was sort of crappy, but it certainly was a huge surprise when all of that “action” came on the screen. At least she’s being herself again!

  8. Die says:

    I’ve never heard a full fledged dance song from Kuu, closest was either Lady Go!! or With your smile, and they were mostly pop. I loved TABOO, and the video rocked! And it is nice to see her getting back to her original/sexy style.

  9. radiantdawn says:

    lul LESBIAN KUU!

  10. Taboo says:

    Man on man kissing = love & intense.

    Girl on girl kissing = hot & steamy.

    Those parts totally won me over the video, rated it 5/5 xD.

  11. Die says:

    I liked the dancing the most, even with the odd hand gestures xD

    Interesting video nonetheless.

  12. gay guy =3 says:

    whoopz hotty clip. guy on guy/girl on girl action ! though isn’t too sexual for Japan? but then again maybe not when u look at yaoi and stuff. she looks really pretty in the dress at the beginning and end with he hair parted in that “certain” way. hmmm she isn’t a lesbian though is she? *not that it matters if she is* but yeah from (But). haha her bf in da clip looks hot !!! very nice clip. Extremely provocative.Music is really really catchy!!! 10/10 , might even buy it.

  13. Die says:

    I don’t think she is, she’s been spotted in Japan with guys a few times I think. But I don’t care, her music is amazing! And TABOO is so much better than BUT or No Regret!!!

  14. fullmoon says:

    I thought her hairstyle with the ponytail+bangs and the background was similar to namie’s black diamond..

    but i love love the song..the way she smiled is just …

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