Banner Results!

After a week of voting the results are in. It’s now time to announce the artist that will be featured on GoldHikari’s banner! But first the results!

1. Utada Hikaru – 4
2. Ayumi Hamasaki – 4
3. Koda Kumi – 1
4. Namie Amuro – 6
5. BoA – 2
6. Ai Otsuka – 3
7. alan – 2
8. Tamaki Nami – 0

And so the winner is Namie Amuro!!! And although I might have made a mistake in adding results up, it’s clear that Namie is the winner. So expect a banner within a new Namie banner within a week or so. Thanks to everyone who voted, I really appreciate it! And maybe if I’m in a creative mood, I might make a few and have another poll. So thanks again!


4 Responses to “Banner Results!”
  1. blackmager says:

    Yay! Namie Amuro!
    Hottest 31 year old I’ve met in J-pop.
    Or whatever age she is.

  2. Selryam says:

    Aww, damn, Otsuka didn’t win…

    I love the banner though! Namie’s awesome, too.

  3. Die says:

    Thanks 😀

    I think I could make a better banner if the design would allow me to. But unless I change the design, the banners will be so small. I’ve been tempted to change to Lex’s design, but I won’t, it’s copying kinda, and it’s too weird. Maybe I’ll find a new one soon.

  4. Selryam says:

    A lot of people use designs other people do. It’s not like WordPress gives you many to work with.

    I’ll try and stop from spamming your comments now, so away I go. @__@

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