Tokyo Biyori

Tokyo Biyori was Van Tomiko’s 4th single. It was released on June 18, 2008 and reached number 18 on the charts with 5,219 copies sold. To date this is her lowest selling single. Hume a Tune is a cover of the song by Original Love. This is currently the fourth single in Van’s new Era.

Tokyo Biyori - Van Tomiko

1. Tokyo Biyori
2. message.
3. Hum a Tune
4. Tokyo Biyori (Instrumental)
5. message. (Instrumental)

I honestly haven’t heard much from Van except her work for DAI, which will be resuming soon! And assuming I can find her other singles I’ll review them. When I originally heard Tokyo Biyori lit. Tokyo Weather, I found myself falling in love with this song. It’s somewhat of a ballad with a little acoustic flare. The acoustic guitar in the beginning followed by the drums and strings made me realize it was a ballad right away, but not a true ballad really, still needs some more strings and piano for the true effect. But even without it being a true ballad it still sounds very sad. Van’s vocals are also lower in this song than her usual pitch, like when in DAI. But still they’re very nice. One thing I loved about this song is the fact that it featured an amazing chorus that despite sounding sad, was so beautiful. I haven’t heard much from her, but hopefully her older work is like it.

Well apparently message. is Van’s first composition, that being said it’s a pretty damn good one. It actually reminds me of DAI with the guitar being the main instrument. That and the fact that it’s very rock driven, well soft rock I guess, it’s not too loud on the ears. Great lyrics and excellent vocals. And the song actually sounded more happy, more up-beat, still very rock oriented. And the melody was rather catchy, not really all that bad.

As for the cover of Hum a Tune, well it’s another rock song. The rock instrumentals give it that rock feel, followed by Van’s vocals, which are a little lower in this song. But still, they’re still as great as ever, for the most part. The song featured some rather bland verses yet, excellent choruses. Now it might not have been so addicting, but it featured a great melody and instrumentals which made up for it. And her ad-libbing was nice too. Only problem I had was the fact that the song was way too long in my opinion, it felt long winded.

Overall Review: Tokyo Biyori was such a delightful single! Now since it’s the first single I’ve heard from Van, I can’t really compare it to any of her earlier works. That being said though, I can say that it was very good in my opinion, at times I do think it could have been stronger for overall it was great. Her first composition oddly enough was my favorite track and the cover was my least favorite, I think it could’ve been put on her last cover album. Overall though it was generally rock oriented, in a way or two. Not a bad single, and such a nice simple, yet beautiful cover.

Final Grade: 96A


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