Kaze no Tegami

Kaze no Tegami was alan’s 5th single. It was released on September 10, 2008 and reached number 34 on the charts with 2,812 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 3,914+ copies. This single is also her 3rd single in the five-elements single. The theme of this single is Wind. It is also alan’s fifth single in her new, or first, era.

Kaze no Tegami - alan

1. Kaze no Tegami
2. Kagome
3. Kaze no Tegami (Instrumental)
4. Kagome (Instrumental)

alan has done it again, but this time with a rock number entitled Kaze no Tegami lit. Letter of Wind. I guess AVEX is trying to find her right genre besides ballads because it’s different from her previous works. Instead of being a ballad, it’s more rock and features the electric guitar, which makes for a flawless combination with her vocals. Now despite it being very rock oriented, it does feature a few ballad influences, like the violins and mid-tempo feel. The opening was very mysterious sounding, but then you hear alan singing and it sounds so amazing. Needless to say, after that the guitar and keyboard along with the synthesizer began to take over. Those are the main instrumentals and they’re actually very good, just perfect for this rock song. And although the verses aren’t really all that impressive the chorus more than makes up for that. The instrumentals are so incredible, the guitars, violins, drums, and keyboard. And despite the chorus not sounding so infectious, it sounds beautiful and somewhat catchy, memorable is a better way to describe it. As for the bridge, it was pretty aggressive with the raging guitar, but alan’s calming vocals seemed to smoothen it all out. It seems that alan’s new songs seem to get better each time, and this one used a little English too!

Keeping with the whole rock vibe of the single is Kagome lit. Bamboo Woven or apparently Girl In A Cage. The opening is a little interesting with all the instrumentals, still rock for the most part, and a little soft too. Anyway, alan again exhibits her amazing vocals in this song. The one thing I loved was how during the verses the song was very soft and light-sounding, that and the traditional Asian instrumentals. Now when the chorus came along, it got a little more aggressive, well just really more rock. The vocals were still amazing, but this time the music was a lot better; not as powerful as the previous track but good enough. And it was actually catchy, well in the melody department. Despite this being a B-Side, I actually liked it, hopefully it’ll be featured on her new album.

Overall Review: Kaze no Tegami was pure rock passion! For once I’m glad that alan is experimenting with new music, it seems that it’s working. I loved everything about this single! From the graceful cover, to the rocking music, and finally the PV, this single was just what alan needed. This high quality single is her best single yet, and it’s not a ballad either, we know she can handle other genres now. The electric guitar was the perfect new instrument to make alan’s songs sound so new and refreshing. You couldn’t have asked for a better song from alan, well maybe her new water single will be better, either way we’re in for a treat.

Final Grade: 100A+

4 Responses to “Kaze no Tegami”
  1. amaiyume says:

    Well once again we agree!!!!
    I just my copy of the single today and wow!!! alan FRIGGIN RULES!! It’s like impossible for her not to bring absolute fire to her singles. Wow, I am sooo excited for the album!!!

  2. Die says:

    Yes, I loved this single, best yet I think!

    And I wish that AVEX would promote her singles a little better, like more tie-ins. Last two didn’t feature any (Air & Wind). But the fire single is used a theme song for a movie, and apparently a video game, should do much better.

  3. taelin says:

    Yeah! alan deserves to be promoted more, unlike those crappy girl/boy bands out there.

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