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Hey everyone. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the reviews I’ve been posting, particularly Ai’s single along with Ami and DAI News, they’ve been the most popular so far. Anyway, I think it’s been a while since I’ve made a new banner and because of Lex’s awesome, cool banner, I’m now in the mood to change the banner I have. Now it’s not going to look like Lex’s, and it might not be all that cool, but I’d like to make a new one, and I need some suggestions. Basically I’m just asking what artist would be good? Now I’m only going to include a few so don’t be mad if your favorite artist isn’t there. And most importantly, please vote. With 150+ viewers a day I’m sure a few of you guys can vote. And if you want, if you can get your friends from other sites or blogs to vote that’d be great too. All I’m asking is for a little participation, so if you can vote, please do! Now without anymore delay, here are the choices:

1. Utada Hikaru
2. Ayumi Hamasaki
3. Koda Kumi
4. Namie Amuro
5. BoA
6. Ai Otsuka
7. alan
8. Tamaki Nami

And even if your favorite artist isn’t mentioned, just please vote! Voting will end on September 17!
This message has been brought to you by Ayu!

EDIT: The response has been great so far! And if you’d like you can vote twice, so if you want to put first and second choices, like some people have put, feel free to do so. Thanks again everyone!

16 Responses to “Banner Options”
  1. FunkyTown says:

    BoA BoA BoA! ahha only cuz of her english debut. But if not Boa than fasho Namie.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. emoduckpanda says:

    Probably Ayu, neh~ But only because she’s got a lot of stuff going on at the moment.

    Second vote would automatically be Utada Hikaru (who would actually be my first vote, but we haven’t heard like anything at all from her x_x)

    Please continue to review albums/singles/artists. I love reading your reviews as they help me determine what kind of music I would like listening to.

  3. noahfurlani says:

    utada hikaru would definitely be good, but, as emoduckpanda mentionned, we haven’t heard a thing from her (hopefully soon!!!)

    Namie’s play might make for a nice picture…

  4. Mumii says:

    Otsuka Ai because her new single covers are gorgeous and it is a great single. ^^

  5. Selryam says:

    I’d say alan or Otsuka Ai. alan tends to have some awesome covers, but Otsuka has some really creative ones, and both are really pretty/talented, so yeah… That’s just my opinion.

  6. blackmager says:

    I’m saying Namie Amuro.
    But that might be because she’s hot.

  7. Lex says:

    I vote for Ai Otsuka!

    And thanks for the comments about my new banner. I’m glad that so many people like it. ^^

  8. Catherine says:

    hamasaki ayumi or namie amuro!! Namie Amuro Best Fiction would be hot XD

  9. amaiyume says:

    haha, I’m really in an alan mode so I’m gonna vote for her 🙂

    If not her, then the always awesome and amazing Kuu!!! I think she could make an awesome banner too!

  10. ce31 says:

    OMG. We have like exactly the same taste! Those are my favorite artistes as well – well, Otsuka Ai not so much but I do enjoy and occasional song from her! =D

    Damn. I can’t choose which one. >.<


  11. natalie says:

    NAMIE bcoz she’s the queen of comebacks and deserves a banner LOL

  12. taelin says:

    Utada Hikaru. Just because she’s my fav. XD

  13. Kiyoikou says:

    Namie Amuro!!! ^-^

  14. eclecticderby says:

    it’s utada hikaru. without a doubt.

  15. LazyAzian says:


    Because BoA’s the Best of Asia, Bring on America!

    Support BoA’s English debut~~

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