DAI Reunites! & Ami’s New Single!!!

Well this post right here isn’t a review page, that’s pretty obvious, instead it’s somewhat of a news page. Now I’m sure some people all ready know, but it appears that one of AVEX’s most popular J-Rock bands Do As Infinity is back! After three years of their departure they’re now reuniting, and on September 30, 2008 luckily. On that date they’ll have a free concert at Yoyogi Park. Now I was very sad when I found out they disbanded 2 years ago xD but that was when I first heard DAI; and now I’m so thrilled to find out that they’re coming back. I’m sure that they’ll be better than ever! Some new material might be released around Spring 2009, so get ready!

Moving on… the awesome and new sexy star Ami Suzuki will be releasing another single. It’s scheduled to be released on September 24, 2008 and it’s entitled Can’t stop the DISCO. It’s her follow-up to ONE and it’s produced by Yasutaka Nakata. It also includes a remix of SUPER MUSIC MAKER, which makes me want it even more. Anyway, here are the tracks; and expect a review!

DVD edition

CD edition

1. can’t stop the DISCO
2. climb up to the top

And as for the covers, I love them both. And I’m not sure which one is better. What’s your opinion on the covers? Feel free to respond.

And I know that I didn’t mention alan, but I love alan! And I’ve been waiting for forever to find out about her new singles. So far I’ve found out about the new B-Side on Kaze no Tegami, not sure how good it’ll be but I’m excited, with a name like Kagome lit. Woven-Bamboo Pattern, it has to be interesting. But what I’ve been dying to know is how will the covers of her new Fire themed single, RED CLIFF ~Kokoro Ikusa~, look? And today I finally found out. And they look so cool too, very red and Asian. Now the main reason I wanted to see them was because this single is going to be the Japanese edition, and I loved the Chinese edition’s cover, very simple and elegant. I loved the CD version because it was so elegant and serene. However, I loved the CD+DVD edition because it was fierce, well that and alan looked so beautiful. And it matched the whole fire theme. Again which cover do you think is better? Comment if you’d like.

CD edition

CD+DVD edition

5 Responses to “DAI Reunites! & Ami’s New Single!!!”
  1. glasmask says:


    I was just into DAI!!! they sang in inuyasha anime..

    omg I’m so happy they are back~ their music is sooo good!!

  2. Die says:

    Yup they’re back! And inuyasha got me into their music, and the always had the best theme songs!

  3. amaiyume says:

    can’t stop the DISCO CD + DVD cover for the WIN!!!!
    I love it so I’m glad I pre-ordered that version XD
    Although for me, the covers for ONE are much better. That’s okay though cause these rock too 🙂

    Hmm…the alan covers are nice but they just weren’t what I was expecting. I’ve heard mixed reviews on them but I was hoping for fire to play more into the concept of the cover. I do like how they have a prettiness about them but…eh, I hope the covers for the water single are better. Of course it’s about the music and alan ALWAYS brings it so I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with the songs themselves 🙂

  4. Die says:

    I loved the covers of ONE much better too. As for alan’s covers, I loved both of them because they look so oriental and firery with the red background. And as for the songs, well I’ve heard both versions of RED CLIFF and they sound great, but not what was I was expecting. But the instrumentals are amazingly good. And I hope that the water covers are a little better too.

  5. glassmask says:

    lol I know~ I love inuyasha songs!!!
    they are the best!!
    and i found namie from their” four seasons”..

    ahh/// that period of music is just…so good!>_<

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