Neko ni Fusen

Neko ni Fusen was Ai Otsuka’s 9th single. It was released on July 13, 2005 and reached number 3 on the charts with 61,268 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 111,324+ copies. This was the second single in the LOVE COOK Era.

Neko ni Fusen - Ai Otsuka

1. Neko ni Fusen
2. Natsu Sora
3. Neko ni Fusen (Instrumental)
4. Natsu Sora (Instrumental)

I wasn’t sure what to expect with a title like Neko ni Fusen lit. Cat with a balloon, but I was hoping it would be good. And to be honest with you, I have no clue if I’m listening to correct song while reviewing this song xD. I have both the song from the single, and the album and the lengths are completely different, that’s what’s throwing me off. Despite that though, they sound the same, except for a few differences like length. Alright, with the first sound being a cat’s meow, it really speaks to the whole Cat in the title. Anyway it sounds nice, the song is very laid-back but acoustic guitar driven, a nice touch. The vocals were particularly good in this song, and they sounded so adorable; as for the background vocals, well even they sounded nice. The addition guitars during the chorus sounded wonderful as well as the chorus itself, catchy for the most part. This song is great and all, but I still like Biidama more.

One of the firs things that caught my attention with Natsu Sora lit. Summer Sky was the tradition Japanese instrument in the beginning. The song wasn’t all that fun and energetic in the beginning but once it began to pick up pace it became much better. Ai’s vocals were amazing again, especially during the high notes. I honestly wasn’t much of a fan of the chorus. Don’t get me wrong is sounded lovely and such, but it was way to slow and laid-back for me. I just need a little more energy from a song. But I did like the song overall, it’s just not my favorite.

Overall Review: Neko ni Fusen was a delightful little single. Now I do think that the single needs some work with the whole picture and all, but overall I can’t complain. Vocals were fantastic and the single had a general theme. Not to sure about the cover, looks creepy but at least it’s not the worse thing ever. A nice and fun single for the LOVE COOK Era.

Final Grade: 93B+


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