I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY / Ai Kotoba was mihimaru GT’s 15th single. It was released on November 28, 2007 and reached number 8 on the charts. In all this single has sold over 44,000+ copies. This was also the second single in the mihimarise Era. The first title track is somewhat of a cover song of the same song made famous by Kylie Minogue.

I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY / Ai Kotoba - mihimaru GT

2. Ai Kotoba
3. I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY (Instrumental)
4. Ai Kotoba (Instrumental)

I’ve only really heard one song by mihimaru, and that was Girigiri Hero, and I loved it. So I was hoping that I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY would be a little better, if not as good. The blaring brass was a nice touch at first but that was the only thing I liked at the beginning. But as listened the song started to should better as it progressed. I loved the vocals, even Hiroko’s. But I especially loved Miyake’s vocals, especially during the verses, and right before the chorus; it sounded fantastic! And the chorus was so catchy. It was up-beat, very happy and so so catchy! The English didn’t hurt at all either, so that was a great bonus. Not bad for a cover, well Japanese cover I guess.

With a title like Ai Kotoba, lit. Love Word I initially thought that this song would be a ballad. And I was partially right, well the sound anyway. It featured some wonderful piano chords that sounded mature and jazz like almost. The ad-libbing was nice, vocals were even better. The verses sounded a little bland, but the chorus was refreshing. Well refreshing in the it wasn’t bad sense. It just didn’t stand out to me too much. This song really wasn’t that great in my opinion, too bland for my tastes.

Overall Review: I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY / Ai Kotoba was an excellent single. Well maybe I shouldn’t use the word excellent. I really liked the first title track, it wasn’t a bad cover. But the latter I just couldn’t enjoy that much. I tried but the song was just too bland and mediocre for my tastes. It seems that their singles to get better as they progress though thankfully. Still the single wasn’t horrible, just needs some work.

Final Grade: 93B+


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