Love Story

Love Story was melody.’s 10th single. It was released on May 30, 2007 and reached number 21 on the charts. In all this single has sold 10,992+ over copies, making it her lowest selling single to date. This was the last single in the READY TO GO! Era.

Love Story - melody.

1. Love Story
2. BoRn 2 luv U / melody. ♥ m-flo
3. Lovin’ U -Deckstream Remix-
4. Love Story (Instrumental)

I’ve haven’t heard many of melody.’s ballads, except for those featured on Lei Aloha, but I decided to give Love Story a chance. At first her vocals caught my attention, they impressed me from the start. The piano was playing so lovely was it sounded beautiful. And I loved how the music built up to the chorus. And the chorus was magnificent. Her vocals were amazing, and the music was perfect. I also loved the strings, they were classical yet so amazing. After while the ballad started to bore me, but towards the middle it exploded into an exhilarating ballad, the instrumentals were so amazing from there on. This is such a wonderful ballad from melody. hopefully a sign of what to come in the future.

The next track is sort of a cover, sort of. It’s basically a solo version of the song m-flo’s “STUCK IN YOUR LOVE” from there COSMICOLOR album, but it’s entitled BoRn 2 luv U. And as for the melody. ♥ m-flo, it’s just the opposite of m-flo ♥’s. Anyway I actually liked this song, there were some great opening beats and some great vocals. I didn’t really like verbal’s vocals but they weren’t too annoying. I loved the overall music of this song, and the hip/hop / R&B feel of it. The chorus was pretty good, no complains. I also loved how it featured a good amount of English. Not a bad B-Side at all.

Even though I liked Lovin’ U, I wasn’t a huge fan of it. And I wasn’t sure just how Lovin’ U -Deckstream Remix- would sound. This version however was actually an improvement from the original. The instrumentals sounded more mature and I loved the addition of the piano and brass. I didn’t like the additional vocals that much, but it’s tolerable. And I just loved this song!

Overall Review: Love Story was a delightful single. I loved how the title track was such a high-quality song! And the fact that it was a ballad didn’t hurt either. It just goes to show you just how talented melody. really is. As for the B-Sides, well even they were delightful. The first was a great one, featuring some signature R&B vibes; and latter was an amazing remix that was just so impressive. This is one single from melody. that I will love forever, especially since I loved every track on the single. And the cover was amazing too, I loved the water at the bottom, and how she looked above it, so Hawaiian! A spectacular way to end the READY TO GO! Era.

Final Grade: 100A+

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