Hot Stuff feat.KM-MARKIT

Hot Stuff feat.KM-MARKIT was Koda Kumi’s 15th single. It was released on April 13, 2005 and reached number 10 on the charts with 16,807 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 29,509+ copies. This single was also a limited edition single, only 50,000 copies were pressed. The title track was the ending theme song for the TV show Ryuha-R. This was the final single in the secret Era, really a re-cut single, but the final one.

Hot Stuff feat.KM-MARKIT - Koda Kumi

1. Hot Stuff feat.KM-MARKIT
2. Hot Stuff (Kakuhen Musou Tenshou remix) feat.UZI & KM-MARKIT
3. Trust you (Dub’s trust me remix)
4. Selfish (D.I.’s C&B mix)

Let me say one thing about this song first, why I decided to review Hot Stuff is beyond me, but I did for some reason. Anyway, From the hip-hop beats to the horrible language and vocals I really didn’t like this song from the start. The only reason why I kept listening was because I was hoping Kuu would save the song. But she didn’t sadly, her vocals sounded nice but MK-MARIT’s vocals were annoying. I just couldn’t get into this song, despite the somewhat catchy chorus.

Well I guess rock is better than hip-hop, especially with the (Kakuhen Musou Tenshou remix) feat.UZI remix of Hot Stuff. Might have been better, but it’s still bad. This time the background vocals were even worse.

How good the original is is beyond me. Moving on, Trust you (Dub’s trust me remix) was a very interesting remix. It’s very dance/techno friendly. That being said, the remix was pretty boring for the first minute or so but then it got better. I actually liked the vocals, they went very well with the beats and music surprisingly. And the chorus was actually catchy, I might give the original version a shot later. Anyway I loved this remix way better than the title track and the atrocious remix. Maybe the original on secert will be as good.

This next remix, Selfish (D.I.’s C&B mix) isn’t all that great in my opinion. It was very brass feeling, I think, similar to the music of Hot Stuff.

Overall Review: Hot Stuff feat.KM-MARKIT was just plain awful. I’m still wondering why this song was released as single, maybe it was because an artist was featured. Anyway I preferred the remixes to the title track and its remix. I think it was just a horrible decision on her label’s part. Oh well, could have been worse. Not the best way to end the secret Era.

Final Grade: 78C-

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