SMILY / Biidama

SMILY / Biidama was Ai Otsuka’s 8th single. It was released on May 11, 2005 and reached no. 1 on the Oricon charts with 110,512 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 310,323+ copies, making it her third highest selling single. SMILY was used in a CM for Lion’s Ban Powder Spray, while Biidama was used in a CM for Shokubutsu Monogatari Herb Blend shampoo. This was also the first single in the LOVE COOK Era.

SMILY / Biidama - Ai Otsuka

2. Biidama
3. SMILY (Instrumental)
4. Biidama (Instrumental)

Well let me say that it’s been months since I’ve reviewed anything Ai related. And I thought to myself “what better way to review Ai then to begin with SMILY / Biidama.” So that’s why I begin with SMILY! It’s a very like-able up-beat track. Ai’s vocals are so amazingly cute. I wasn’t sure what to think of the rock style opening but it sounded so nice. I loved all the percussion in the song, gave it a very upbeat feel. And I loved how it moved so smoothly. What I loved even more though was the chorus. It was so cute, and it sounded so awesome, and the ad-libbing was fantastic!

Now as much as I love SMILY, I love Biidama even more! This song is far superior to the previous track, I feel. The beats are more musical, and the music just sounds more relaxing and calming. The song is also a little more laid-back than SMILY, but it’s still mid-tempo. The instrumentals were amazing too, still a little rock but they still had that pop feeling. Again Ai’s vocals were amazing, and so adorable. The verses weren’t all that bad either, they were enjoyable. And the chorus was amazing! It was so catchy, her vocals made it all so good, that and the melody; and let’s not forget those instrumentals.

Overall Review: SMILY / Biidama was adorable rock happiness!!! I can’t stress enough how amazing Ai’s cutesy vocals are. And I loved how the single had a general rock feel, still pop, but the instrumentals featured some great light rock elements. And I loved the covers, but the Biidama side rocked! A smashing and awesome way to begin the LOVE COOK Era.

Final Grade: 100A+


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