Rakuen was Do As Infinity’s 18 single. It was released on December 15, 2004 and reached number 2 on the charts and has sold over 60,580+ copies. The title track was used as the theme song for the InuYasha the Movie: Fire on the Mystic Island. This was also DAI’s highest charting single. It was also the first single in the NEED YOUR LOVE Era.

Rakuen - Do As Infinity

1. Rakuen
2. Rakuen (Instrumental)

Well it’s no surprise that I love a lot of anime, and InuYasha in particular. But the main reason why I checked out this single was the fact that it reached no. 2 on the Oricon charts. And so I listened to Rakuen lit. Paradise. The first thing that I noticed about the song was the strings playing, which made the song seem very odd considering DAI is usually a rock band. Anyway I loved the strings and kept listening. The rhythm was very catchy, and with the acoustic guitar the song felt pretty complete. But just then you hear the drums and electric guitar signaling the chorus. And the chorus was completely mind-blowing. The melody is so infectious and the vocals were perfect. I mean it was all rock then but it sounded so beautiful, almost like a rock ballad. It was just all so perfect, the right amount of rock and strings. But what I loved even more were the lyrics. I mean they sound a little pessimistic but it’s just so awing and beautiful. Mentioning “Head for a paradise that you can’t see yet. In this endlessly wide world, they go on walking, no matter how far it takes them” that and “Everyone possesses, A small fragment of love. Even if hatred exists.” I really loved the message in lyrics, even if they weren’t so happy, I mean it gives you something to think about.

Overall Review: Rakuen was true paradise. I honestly loved everything about this single. The lyrics were profound, and the music was heavenly. I mean considering that there’s only one song to review I really can’t say much but that this single was great. That being said the only reason why I’d get it, depending on the price, would be that I’m a collector, I love the cover and scans, or the instrumentals just rock! Either way this is one of their best singles, and I really love this song, it’s become one of my favorites easily. An astounding way to begin the NEED YOUR LOVE Era.

Final Grade: 100A+


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