OUTGROW was BoA’s 4th album. It was released on February 15, 2006 and reached number 1 on the charts with 220,000 copies sold. In all this album has sold over 428,000+ copies. It was released in a limited CD+DVD edition, and an unlimited CD only edition. This was also her first album to be released in two editions featuring two separate covers. The album features five new tracks and one bonus track from her digital single. This album features the singles DO THE MOTION from Everlasting.


1. Silent Screamerz
3. Kimi no Tonari de
4. OUTGROW ~Ready butterfly~
5. make a secret
6. Everlasting
8. cosmic eyes
9. Dakishimeru
10. Love is just what you can’t see
11. Stay My Gold
12. soundscape
13. With U
14. First snow

The album begins with the very unusual Silent Screamerz. From the blaring synth beats and loud music it’s very confusing, but just then BoA begins to sing. Her vocals are very controlling, being stronger than the music, and giving some structure to this chaotic song. With the all the music it’s almost hard to hear anything, but you can still hear to some degree. I don’t know, the music reminds me of synth/pop with some R&B, it’s just very hectic to say the least. The English was great for once, but I just couldn’t get into the song, not enough unity at all, it was just chaos in my opinion. I really didn’t even like the chorus at all, just so confusing. Not the best opener in my opinion.

Just as things seem to go wrong we begin to hear powerful, infectious, superb DO THE MOTION. This was in fact the first single that she released during this era, as well as the best selling one, it sold nearly double the copies as the last single Everlasting. And to top it all off it was her first no. 1 single ever. The beats are so infectious and the music is jazz oriented, yet so so addicting. From the whispered vocals, to the English lyrics this song has it all. Even the verses are catchy, but the chorus takes the cake. The music is southing and the melody is perfect, they create an infectious duo. This song is undeniably the best song on the album, well the best song from a single anyway.

To keep up with all the great music Kimi no Tonari de was placed next. Believe it or not this song was a B-Side to DO THE MOTION, and it’s just as good as that track, well not as good but it’s pretty hight up there. Still the song is a bit average for BoA, but that’s all right, she’ll do better in the future. The song overall was very sweet and very goody goody. The strings were a nice addition to the song, along with the piano too.

And just when it gets good, we have the title track OUTGROW ~Ready butterfly~. I wasn’t sure what to think of the song from the title, but I hoped it’d be good. The music is very aggressive sounding and very techno oriented. Well I really didn’t like the opening vocals, mostly because they were so hard to hear, but I liked the English ones. I liked the fast moving music, very nice, and the occasional English was great too. I just felt that this song was way to un-BoA like. It seems like it should have been on MADE IN TWENTY (20) rather than this album, more aggressive and such. I didn’t find any part of this song catchy at all, even the strings.

I guess the trend in bad music continues with make a secret. Not many people I know like this song, and I have to agree with them. It might be slow and all, but it’s not good at all. The vocals sounded nice but that was about it. I did like the R&B beats and vibe it had but that’s it. This song is just way too boring and too bad. I can’t stand this song, end of story.

It’s been a while since BoA’s released a very strong ballad in this era, but Everlasting broke that trend. The music is more lovely, and more classical than anything with the piano and strings. The chorus was so dramatic, but in a good way, the climax was so beautiful, and the chorus itself was magnificent. And BoA’s vocals were at the height of perfection, and just so heavenly. It’s no wonder why it outsold her previous singles in the era, except DO THE MOTION.

Hearing LONG TIME NO SEE almost after make a secret is too familiar, but this time it’s good. Even though it was the B-Side to make a secret, it should have been the title track. It’s bar far the sweeter track, and the stronger of the two. The constant water drops were great, and sounded so adorable. The vocals were wonderful, and the music was so lighthearted and so cutesy. The song even gets better too just listen towards the last part, just listen and you’ll love it even more.

For a second I thought I was hearing the title track, but instead it was cosmic eyes. This song reminds me a little of the title track, but it’s faster and a lot better. The drum beats and quick moving music sets it up for a sensational chorus. It’s fast, light, and refreshing surprisingly. Not to mention the fact that it’s pretty catchy too. What I loved even more was here English, it was so good, and the vocals were fantastic. And it played till the very end, an odd thing but it worked in this case.

On with the hip new track, this one entitled Dakishimeru. It’s one of the fastest paced songs on the album as well as one of the funnest. The quick beats and deep breathes at the beginning get you hooked on the song instantly, but if that’s not enough the English will. Now despite it not making that much sense it sounds good, and that’s what important. And the verses sound pretty nice, but no surprise that the chorus sounds even better. It’s definitely more powerful and more aggressive, and more infectious by far.

Well few of her new tracks on this album have been great and it seems that Love is just what you can’t see follows that trend. It’s a laid-back song that’s not all that great. The percussion was nice and all, but there was just no great instrumentals really, even though it had a little jazz flare. I can’t complain about the vocals at all, but I can say a few things about the music. I though that the music was way to slow to go with the vocals, and it was just too bland. The chorus wasn’t catchy either sadly, it was just so boring, with a capital B. Even with the English it didn’t sound that good, I actually think that it made the song worse.

And it seems that the final real new track on the album is upon us, this one entitled Stay My Gold. It’s one of the better new featured songs on this album. The lyrics are great as usual, but the vocals are even better, and you can hear the strength in her vocals too. I’m not to crazy about the background English vocals, but when BoA sings it’s pretty good. The verses sounded pretty, and the music went with it so well. But naturally the chorus was astounding, so dramatic and so beautiful. Only problem I had with the song was that it was a little too long for me, but it was good.

Mid-tempo and lax is the best way to describe soundscape. It was originally included on the Everlasting single, and it goes pretty well with the title track. The beats give it a little R&B feel, but it’s not full R&B. The ad-libbing was what I really loved, it sounded so cute and adorable. The vocals were fantastic, and at a few points they were incredible, especially when you could hear all the power in the vocals. I wasn’t too excited about the background vocals that much but I couldn’t complain. As for the chorus, well it was nice to say the least.

And yet another B-Side on the album, this time it was With U. It’s your basic average ballad but not as great. I still don’t understand why it was added to the album but the same goes with a few of the other songs. It has a magical feeling to it, but it’s not all that great. The strings were beautiful at a times, and others they didn’t fit that well. The instrumentals weren’t all that bland at all either, just not WOW enough. I think it’d be better if it was just left on the single.

Well I probably should have reviewed BoA’s digital single, but it just slipped my mind, and so did First snow. It’s definitely a winter ballad that features some amazing instrumentals that are truly magical, and not like With U either, more like LOVE LETTER magical. The point is is that this song is just plain beautiful and heavenly. The music was simply amazing and it was so wonderful. Another thing I loved about this song was the vocals, so great, and strong at a few times. This was the perfect way to end her fourth album.

Overall Review: OUTGROW was certainly one unique album. I felt that there was no true sense of unity, no one type of genre, but that didn’t bother me that much. The one thing that I didn’t like was the fact that there was only six new songs on the album. It’s one thing if all the songs were good, but about half were lackluster and just had no good melody and rhythm. And I honestly didn’t like where some of the songs were placed, but I really can’t control that. I just wish that some of the material on the album was high quality, is that too much to ask for. I think I actually liked her MADE IN TWENTY (20) album better, believe it or not.

Final Grade: 86B-

2 Responses to “OUTGROW”
  1. megumi says:

    I’m sorry, but your tastes are really weird. “make a secret”, “OUTGROW ~Ready butterfly~”, and “Love is just what you can’t see” are all AMAZING tracks, while “Kimi no Tonari de” and “Long Time No See” are sooo mediocre. :/

  2. Die says:

    Well it’s in the eye of the beholder. There are probably just as many people that agree with you that agree with me. Everyone has different tastes, yours just varies from mine.

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