hands was Koda Kumi’s 14th single. It was released on January 19, 2005 and reached number 7 on the charts with 22,693 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 48,910+ copies. The title track was used as the end theme song for ANB’s television program Uchimura produce, while Through the Sky was the end theme of NTV’s The Sunday. This was the fourth single in the secret Era.

hands - Koda Kumi

1. hands
2. Through the Sky
3. hands (Instrumental)
4. Through the Sky (Instrumental)

hands is definitely one of her softer songs to date, well out of all of her flashier releases. From the cover I expected an edgy tune, but instead I had a beautiful ballad. The music is very romantic, featuring the strings along with some wonderful synth elements, and naturally the piano at points. One thing I notice is just how beautiful Kuu’s vocals are, not too deep and not too high, just the right pitch. I also noticed how well it all fit with the verses and chorus. The verses seemed rather short, but it just mean a longer chorus. And the chorus wasn’t all that catchy but it sure did sound nice, and it featured a climatic music too. Also the final chorus sounded so magnificent, better vocals and all. What a lovely ballad.

I guess Kuu really wanted to do ballads in this single, especially with Through the Sky. This song is slower than hands and it’s a little more dramatic, well the music. Her vocals are also more steady and they sound nicer too. The piano is the main instrument, but there are some occasional snaps and the acoustic guitar sporadically. What I really love is how the song builds up till the chorus, where you hear this heavenly sound. From there the music is more dramatic, more powerful, and a little faster paced. I actually think that this song is better than hands, but that’s me. And the church bells were genius!

Overall Review: hands was one magnificent ballad single. I was shocked from the cover to discover that both songs were ballads, and damn good ones too. Each was quite dramatic and each was beautiful. I found one to be so romantic and dramatic and the other just plain magical. It’s a really lovely, heartfelt single. I really wish that she’d start releasing some singles like these now, she really needs a good ballad. But overall I can’t complain about this single, the whole one theme was shocking but nice at the same time.

Final Grade: 100A+



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