Jewelry day

Jewelry day was ayaka’s 6th single. It was released on July 4, 2007 and reached number 2 on the charts with 38,635 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 73,290+ copies. The title track was used as the theme song for the movie Last Love. This was the second single in the Sing to the Sky Era.

Jewelry day - ayaka

1. Jewelry day
2. I’m alone
3. Start to 0 (Love) (Acoustic Ver.)
4. Jewelry day (Instrumental)

One thing to say about Jewelry day is that it’s ballad, and in the same class as I believe and Mikazuki. And believe it or not, the first time I saw this song was on Itunes Japan where it was no.1 and that’s when I gave it a listen. I liked it then but never heard the whole thing until now. From the gentle beginning to the amazing vocals this song is another great ballad. With the acoustic guitar playing ayaka begins to sing. Her English as great as ever but the one thing I notice about the song is how sad it sounds. But despite that it sounds so lovely, especially when you hear the emotion in ayaka’s vocals. The song also gets progressively better, especially with the addition of the strings. And the ending of the song was so classical and so wonderful, those strings were just so beautiful.

Whereas the previous track was rather sad, I’m alone is more up-beat. The main instrument is the guitar, no surprise there, but here it sounds especially good. And for once it sounds different here, it’s not the same as all of her other songs. It actually sticks out at me as some high quality stuff. The chorus was what really got my attention, it was so lovely and the climax was so different yet so so amazing. I really wish this song was added to the album.

Most of ayaka’s songs are already acoustic based so I was wondering how it’d affect Start to 0 (Love) (Acoustic Ver.). This version was basically a watered down version of the original. Instead of heavy rock instrumentals there’s a more gentle approach to it, more pianos and acoustic guitars. Still good though, but I think I liked it better when it was on First Message.

Overall Review: Jewelry day was a classical ballad filled with harmonious sounds. ayaka has done it again with this phenomenal ballad. The song creates a natural euphoria for the hearer, just by listening to this one ballad. Her vocals were so moving and her lyrics were so heart wrenching. And for once I loved all of her B-Sides, I think the first could have actually been part of a double A-Side, the quality was so high. As for the acoustic version, it was a nice bonus. And to top it all off ayaka looked to beautiful here, this is actually one of my favorite covers from her.

Final Grade:100A+


3 Responses to “Jewelry day”
  1. glassmask says:

    so wonderful review!
    I just love her voice, like the way I love Hikki’s…
    But some of her songs..i need to listen for a few times before i like it..I mean I love “I believe” soo much now, but I dont feel anything about other songs in her album…but her songs are usually pretty resistable..liek you can listen to them for a long time befor eget bored of

    are you going to review “Sing to the sky” or did you reviewed it already? that album is like..very jazz-ish…

  2. Die says:

    I will lol, after i review all the singles then i’ll review Sing to the Sky, which should be reviewed by saturday. It’s all in the Week of ayaka post.

  3. blackmager says:

    I absolutely love this song.

    Ayaka is amazing at making me cry.
    This is just as depressing as Mikazuki.

    I like how it slowly grew.

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