WINDING ROAD was ayaka’s 5th single. It was released on October 28, 2007 and reached number 2 on the charts with 131,198 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 352,790+ copies, making it her highest selling single, including collaboration singles. More specifically it was a collaboration single between ayaka and j-pop/folk duo Kobukuro. The song was used in a CM for Nissan Cube. A follow up single is set to be released in September entitled “Anata to”. This was also the first single in the Sing to the Sky Era.


2. WINDING ROAD (Instrumental)

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from WINDING ROAD but I’m glad I gave it a listen. Although the first vocals I heard didn’t really sound all that great to me I listened more and afterwards I began to like the song. I really loved ayaka’s vocals, they were so great. As for Kobukuro, well they were good too, they went well together with the brass and the organ playing in the background. All the ad-libbing was great too, no problems there. And the ending was so fantastic, I loved it how it faded away. I’ll admit that this isn’t my favorite ayaka song, but it’s pretty high up there.

Overall Review: WINDING ROAD was certainly in its own class. Each artist brought something new to the table. The vocals were strong and that was what mainly stood out at me. When the music was present it was great too, no problem whatsoever. I did however wish there was a little more variety in the music, but it was still good overall. After hearing this I can’t wait to hear Anata to. A great way to kickoff her Sing to the Sky Era.

Final Grade:



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