The Week of ayaka

Well for some reason I really want to review ayaka and all her singles and albums. So what better way to do it then to do a full week of ayaka reviews? Basically starting today, Sunday, I will begin with First Message and then each day after that I will review one ayaka single, until I review Sing to the Sky. So all other reviews, really only 1 according to my future reviews page, will be postponed. So get ready for The Week of ayaka!!! After that reviews will return to normal.


2 Responses to “The Week of ayaka”
  1. glassmask says:

    YES! I found her voice sooo amazing and..feel so good when listen to it!

    its like..i dont really like her songs at first , but when i listen to it more and more it become beautiful and addicting!!!

    waaaa so happy!!!

  2. Die says:

    I’m glad someone is lol. First Message should be up in less than an hour.

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