My Story

My Story was PUFFY’s 26th single. It was released on August 6, 2008 and reached number 44 on the charts with 3,037 copies. The title track was used in the Kanebo “Lavshuca” CM song. The limited edition features a DVD with live performances from there December 19, 2007 tour finale at the Shibuya AX.

My Story - PUFFY

1. My Story
2. Twilight Shooting Star
3. All Because Of You (DISCO TWINS Remix)

Well, My Story might not me as catchy as All Because of You, but it has it’s high points. It’s more rock than anything, not much pop really. The lyrics were nice, all in Japanese. The guitar was the main instrumental force providing some great music. The vocals were great as always but that’s not why I liked this song. It had to be the chorus hands down, besides sounding so aggressive with the music, it was rather lengthy and easy to listen to, well if you like blaring guitars; point is it was good. Only main problem with the song was that it sounded a little repetitive. Blaring guitars everywhere to say the least, it almost got annoying. But, according to Ami “It’s a very straightforward love song. I think this is the very first straightforward song in PUFFY’s history”. So it’s not all bad.

From the drum beats and the smooth guitar playing you can’t help but like Twilight Shooting Star. The instrumentals were pretty great, rock as always. The lyrics were pretty good, sung fast, but good. With the fast tempo song you can’t help but get lost in the music. It was pretty infectious with those cute vocals. Not a bad B-Side.

Now I really got the single because of All Because Of You (DISCO TWINS Remix). This version is longer than the original and it’s more synthed out and dragged out. All the synth beats were nice at times and at others, annoying. It’s a pretty good remix, not bad at all.

Overall Review: My Story was rock powered fun! I loved the overall rock feel of it. I didn’t like how short all the songs were but overall they were enjoyable. I think that the title track could’ve been better but it was tolerable. And the remix was a fantastic bonus! A great follow up to All Because of You.

Final Grade: 96A


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