Sora Uta

Sora Uta was alan’s 5th single, but for Japanese singles and reviews we’ll say 4th single. It was released on August 13, 2008 and reached number 34 on the charts with 2,774 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 4,537+ copies This was alan’s second single that was based on a classical Japanese element, this one being the sky.

Sora Uta - alan

1. Sora Uta
2. My Stage
3. Sora Uta (Instrumental)
4. My Stage (Instrumental)

Just by looking at the cover I fell in love with Sora Uta, and naturally it was a phenomenal song. From the beginning I initially thought it was going to be another ballad, but to my surprise it transformed into a majestic, energetic song. The instrumentals were very calming, serene, and so so southing. And the occasional Tibetan instrumentals were genius. And perhaps the best part of the song was the chorus. It’s so beautiful with the strong vocals, and with the excellent English. What was even better was the fact that it had an epic feel to it, embodying the serene and graceful sky. Although my favorite part was during the 2:47 part and onwards, the distorted vocals were so cool, and modern. This song has got to be her best song ever, and it’s not a ballad either!

On the bright side, My Stage isn’t a ballad, as to why it’s not so good, well that’s because the song is mostly monotone. But that’s probably the only bad thing. It’s a very up-beat sparkly tune, however. From the very up-beat, happy music I instantly fell in love. alan’s vocals were very monotone for the most part, yet they were still good. The beats were very catchy, and for some reason the music reminded me or India, not sure why it just did. Just overall it was pretty damn good.

Overall Review: Sora Uta was a majestic, serene, and graceful single, like that of the sky. I was surprised that alan had it in her, and that she could sing such a song like this, or these really. Considering that both songs weren’t ballads they were just amazing, and the title track was mind blowing. This just goes to show you that alan can pull off pop songs. Now I’m all fired up for her next single! Another enchanting single from alan. And I must admit that alan looks so amazingly beautiful in this single.

Final Grade: 100A+


2 Responses to “Sora Uta”
  1. amaiyume says:

    OMG, definitely agree!!!!
    Sora Uta is absolutely gorgeous although I loved My Stage as well, this whole single is entirely awesome 🙂
    I’m glad you liked the single as well!!

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