Hades: The bloody rage

Hades: The bloody rage was Yousei Teikoku’s 7th single. It was released on August 6, 2008 and reached number 61 on the charts. The band has been together since 1997, but their first major debut album wasn’t until GOTHIC LOLITA PROPAGANDA in 2007. Their music is said to have classical and electro elements.

The bloody rage - Yōsei Teikoku

1. Hades: The bloody rage
2. Kegarenaki Tsuki no Doku
3. Hades: The bloody rage (Instrumental)
4. Kegarenaki Tsuki no Doku (Instrumental)

With a name like Hades: The bloody rage the song has to be good and it lived up to its name. From the cover you can infer that the music will be a little dark along the music lines and it’s actually pretty dark. With the voices at the beginning and the ominous ahh it sounds a little scary, then out of nowhere I hear some more strange vocals. But it’s replaced by the sounds of the organ and the guitar. One of the first things I notice is the high vocals, yet despite them being high I love them so much. They sound so cute and adorable. And with the dark and somewhat classical music it creates a deadly combination. The music is pretty fast moving and it’s so infectious, especially with the guitars playing and the occasional organ playing. The chorus was anything but dull featuring an eerie, haunting organ and the guitar. But most of it was because of the great vocals, that sound so refreshing.

Certainly Kegarenaki Tsuki no Doku lit. The Moon’s Pure Poison is a very dark sounding ballad. From the vocals and the constant sound of a clock ticking it creates a dark atmosphere. Aside from that the song is very bland. There’s really no distinct structure almost like still doll. The instrumentals were nice though, the organ, ticking clock, and occasional music box it seems. Overall it’s not half bad, just needs more power.

Overall Review: Hades: In bloody rage was gothic lolita perfection! I must admit that from the over I expected some dark music and I wasn’t disappointed. Although it might seem dark and even gothic I still love the music. I normally don’t listen to music like this but I made an exception for this and I’m so glad! and it was a nice change of vocals from other mainstream artists. Overall it’s a dark yet impressive single.

Final Grade: 97A


4 Responses to “Hades: The bloody rage”
  1. sushibabyx says:

    Wow, great review! I DL’d it and I LOVE it. It’s so creepy but it’s awesome XD

  2. Mumii says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I first heard of them through Schwarzer Sarg which I loved. I hope you can also review their older music. ^-^

  3. Die says:

    I have that song:D I’ll review that later, maybe in the next few days. I’m not sure about reviewing their older stuff though. It depends on what I can find lol. But they’re pretty good, and I love the music.

  4. lynethia says:

    Dude, I saw this on aznmedia and was thinking about downloadig this. I really must have this now!

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