Kane wo Narashite

Kane wo Narashite was BONNIE PINK’s 24th single. It was released on August 6, 2008 and reached number 9 on the charts with 13,447 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 31,066+ copies. The title track was used as Xbox 360 game Tales of Vesperia’s theme song for the Japanese Edition. There was an English version of this song that was released via Itunes on April 16, BONNIE’s birthday. And it was actually that song that got me into BONNIE. This is also the first single in BONNIE PINK’s new Era.

Kane wo Narashite - BONNIE PINK

1. Kane wo Narashite
2. Pump It Up!
3. A Perfect Sky (Björn Remix)
4. Kane wo Narashite (Instrumental)
5. Pump It Up! (Instrumental)

I’m not sure what BONNIE’s normal genre of music is but in the case of Kane wo Narashite lit. Ring A Bell, it’s rock. I guess what I really like about this song is the melody. Well most of it is because I loved the English version. But this song is probably better than the English version. Besides it sounding more natural the lyrics here are a heck of a lot better, and they sound nicer. I really loved BONNIE’s vocals, they were so amazing. Think of the voice of a siren, and then multiply it by 100, it was that good. And the chorus was phenomenal, the instrumentals are off the charts. I really loved all the guitar riffs and drums beats were fantastic. This is one hell of a song.

The next song is a little more dance and synth than anything. Pump It Up! is pretty good though. What first drew me to the song was the synth music that had an almost dance quality to it. The verses were surprisingly good and not boring at all. The chorus was pretty catchy, especially with the English line “Pump It Up!” and the whispered vocals “Let me hear you” were a great bonus the Japanese lyrics were great too. While the music didn’t really get too energetic and wild it was still good, not too over the top. I think I’m beginning to really like BONNIE PINK as an artist.

One of BONNIE’s greatest songs was also featured on this single, it’s A Perfect Sky (Björn Remix). Now I’m not sure how the original sounded but apparently it’s really good as it’s her highest selling single. But from the sounds of this song, it doesn’t sound all that good. The constant thumping wasn’t all that great and the vocals sounded atrocious, well the background vocals. The music was just really bad too, so weird and crazy. I just really hope that the original version wasn’t as bad.

Overall Review: Kane wo Narashite was pure rock sensation! This song was screaming rock for the most part. With a catchy melody and great vocals it made the song a great hit. And even with the B-Side the single was still fantastic. I actually liked who dance and synth oriented it was. But I really didn’t like the remix of A Perfect Sky, it was just to freaky for me. But overall it was a superb single.

Final Grade: 97A


5 Responses to “Kane wo Narashite”
  1. Lex says:

    Oh, the remix of A Perfect Sky is so bad. It doesn’t do justice to the original and it’s so annoying.

    Check out the original and then Philharmonic Flava version. They are far superior to that crappy remix. lol

  2. Die says:

    So it’s not me, that’s good to know, thanks. I will have to listen to the original, from your review it sounds very good.

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