Cause I’m The Queen of…

Comebacks!!! Namie Amuro has done it again with her newest album BEST FICTION!!! This is her first no. 1 Best album since 1998, and her highest selling album since GENIUS 2000, outselling her four past studio albums and her last BEST album. And the album is still charting, so far it’s sold over 681,000+ copies in the first week, making it the highest first week sales of 2008, beating EXILE’s latest best album. And to commemorate the release, I will be reviewing this album!!! And might I say that Namie looks damn good for 30, she looks like she’s in her early 20’s still. And who says you can’t be 30 and still top the charts? And her latest song Do Me More pwns all! And the Vidal Sassoon CM was HOT, but the PV was better.

Vidal Sassoon CM Promo

4 Responses to “Cause I’m The Queen of…”
  1. glassmask says:

    ppl are doing best albums this year…like ayumi, she is going to publish all her singles from 1998-2008-0-…

    namie loks sooo pretty! she is soo hot…

  2. Die says:

    I know but it seems weird after she already did one last year, but you never know. This new one is a complete one, even though it doesn’t include all A-Sides like those singles that are double or triple A-Sides. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hikki released one. But Namie’s new album is HOT!

  3. glassmask says: sold 944K now..

    ayu..I just want to buy her all singles..from a-side to b-side..just get them at once..but they keep releasing some a-side ans some b-side..confusing…

    If Hikki released one its going to be a big big hit..she got so many nice singles these days..

  4. Die says:

    I think it’ll be the top album of the year, BEST FICTION is selling like hot cakes.

    Ayu’s new album will do good, not sure how many copies it’ll sell, about 750k i’ll say. Her last Best albums sold about 450k+ each. Might to really good because it includes so many songs though, you never know.
    And the photobook might be a good bonus so people might buy it just for that, and the price is great too.
    It’ll do fine either way.

    As for Hikki, it’d be okay but not as successful I think. It’d only include about 9 singles or so compared to her last one which included 12 singles. Plus Hikki had released 3 albums at that time. This time it’s only two albums, Ultra Blue and Heart Station. Now if she included some other songs in the albums besides the singles it might be better. But she hasn’t released enough singles I think for her to release another Best album. But when she does it will be good, and maybe it’ll come in a CD+DVD edition, and maybe she’ll include some new songs like Namie did. Either way it’ll be good.

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