Mikazuki was ayaka’s 4th single. It was released on September 27, 2006 and reached number 1 on the charts with 40,091 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 243,133+ copies, making it her highest charting and self selling single, I’m not including her collaboration single. This song was actually used in the NHK show @ Human as the theme song back in December 2005 and a PV was even made for it, this is what made it such a popular hit. Anyway her debut album was scheduled to be released on August 6 but was replaced by the single, the album would be released in November. And later the title track would be used as in the au Music Store CM. And for the new single, a new PV was made. This was the final single in the First Message Era.

Mikazuki - ayaka

1. Mikazuki
2. Kimi no Kiss de…
3. Yume no Kakera -Live Version-
4. Mikazuki (Instrumental)

We end the First Message Era with a phenomenal ballad entitled Mikazuki lit. Crescent Moon. Right away i notice the beautiful piano playing with the violin, and from there I’m hooked. Her vocals were such a treat and they were so superb!!! The music sounded so beautiful, especially with the violins. I really loved the chorus, mostly because of the vocals and music. But what I loved the most was the emotion in ayaka’s vocals, and the acoustic instruments. This has got to be her most beautiful ballad yet.

Incorporating the spanish guitar is certainly different for ayaka in Kimi no Kiss de…, but it’s a good one. I loved her great deep vocals and her apparent mastery of English. I found the song to be rather good with the addicting melody and catchy chorus. This song isn’t half bad, to bad it wasn’t released on her album.

The next song, Yume no Kakera -Live Version-, is a live version of the B-Side found on I believe. I was very pleased with the original version so a live version is the next best thing. One thing I really loved about it was how her vocals sounded the same as the pre-recorded single, something that takes some time to do. I’m really beginning to love her live renditions, they’re so wonderful.

Overall Review: Mikazuki was a lonely night lit up by the light of the crescent moon. This single was just such a magnificent single. She has got to be one of the best new ballad writers of the 21st century. her music is so profound and her vocals are so impressive. It’s no wonder that this single reached no. 1 and that it’s so popular. This is her best single in terms of vocals and music to date, well at the time of release. A profound and majestic way to end the First Message Era.

Final Grade: 100A+

One Response to “Mikazuki”
  1. hanajiri says:

    mikazuki is really good

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