ONE (Pokémon Edition)

ONE was Crystal Kay’s 25th single. It was released on July 16, 2008 and reached number 32 on the charts with 2,237 copies sold. The single was released in two editions, a regular and a limited Pokémon edition; both of which featured different track lists. The title track was used as the theme song for the Pokémon movie, Giratina and the Frozen Sky’s Bouquet: Shaymin. This was also the final single in the Color Change! Era. *This is a review of the Pokémon Edition*

ONE (Pokémon Edition) - Crystal Kay

1. ONE
2. ONE with Pikachu & Shaymin
3. ONE Karaoke

Because I’ve already reviewed ONE, I’ll just post a little summary. It’s a mid-tempo pop song with a little R&B beat. The music is simply superb, and the vocals are stunning. The frequent snaps in combination with the violins made for a spectacular duo. The chorus was so catchy, and to top it all off there was an amazing use of English and ad-libbing at the end. As for the verses, which aren’t that good normally, well in this case they were perfect mostly because of the great vocals. You MUST give ONE a listen!!!

Well what could be better than the previous track? The answer is ONE with Pikachu & Shaymin! The music is the same and the same goes for the vocals. But what’s the difference between this song and the last, it’s the presence of Pikachu & Shaymin. This song features the uber cute voices of Pikachu & Shaymin. And when I say uber cute I mean uber cute, not just regular cute, uber. They sing sporadically through the song to make it sound uber good, see where I’m going with the uber. The song can’t get any better, I mean what’s better than Pikachu & Shaymin singing? This version is just as good as the original, if not better.

Overall Review: ONE (Pokémon Edition) is pure Pokémon movie bliss! I loved the regular edition so it’s not surprising that I love the Pokémon Edition. This song is just such a thrill to listen to. It was the perfect choice for the Pokémon movie! It’s just right for the summer months and fun, truly a great summer hit. And because it has Pikachu on the cover it’s even better. A uber cute way to end the Color Change! Era.

Final Grade: 105A+

2 Responses to “ONE (Pokémon Edition)”
  1. josh012595 says:

    great review!
    but, can i ask you a question?
    where did you get the limited edition?
    I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

  2. josh012595 says:

    ^thank you thank you thank you!
    you don’t know how much i’m happy with this right now! 🙂

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