ONE was Crystal Kay’s 25th single. It was released on July 16, 2008 and reached number 32 on the charts with 2,237 copies sold. The single was released in two editions, a regular and a limited Pokémon edition; both of which featured different track lists. The title track was used as the theme song for the Pokémon movie, Giratina and the Frozen Sky’s Bouquet: Shaymin. This was also the final single in the Color Change! Era. *This is a review of the regular edition*

ONE - Crystal Kay

1. ONE
2. Suki

To be honest with you I really didn’t care much for Crystal Kay. I mean I’ve heard she’s a good artist and all, but I’ve just been quite apathetic towards her. The main reason why I listened to this song was the fact that it was used as the theme song for a pokémon movie, and I love pokémon so I had to hear it. And I’ve heard a few of the Japanese theme songs and they were good, but ONE was such a step up. I really enjoyed how it began so cute and lovely with the violins and all but than slowly turned into a mid-tempo track, almost R&B like but lighter. One of the first things I noticed was how great of a voice Crystal had. The verses were light and very lovely to say the least. The chorus was such a thrill! It was happy pop, but not so much that it overwhelmed you. And to my delight it was so catchy, especially the last few parts of it. And her English was great, even though there wasn’t that much English, still helps if you know it. As for the instrumentals, they were spectacular from the soft acoustics to the serene violins. This is ONE song you need to listen to.

Where ONE was very pop and a little R&B, just a tad, Suki lit. Like was more heavy in dance than anything. From the opening dance beats and “S, U, K, I” you can tell it’ll be a little aggressive, just a bit. Again Crystal’s vocals were perfect and the dance beats that were very techno were so infectious. I found the verses to be so mesmerizing and the chorus to be dangerously addictive. And the part where you could hear the vocal distortions was so great, almost like Ami’s ONE but not as distorted. This song is such a great song, you must here it, especially if you love dance music.

The first of two remixes of is ONE CORNELIUS REMIX. It’s longer than the original but it’s a sweeter version. It’s still a mid-tempo song, but most of the pop and R&B elements were removed and replaced with some jazz elements. Well it’s a little jazz along with the piano and some more band instrumentals. Point is that it’s a lighter version with some more instrumentals. This remix is still good though, a nice change from the original.

ONE DEXPISTOLS REMIX is the final remix. I’m not sure how it got the name but the remix is interesting. Instead of being lighter than the original like the previous remix, this version is more dance oriented. Semi-heavy dance/synth beats are the main instrumental here. The vocals are pretty much the same, and with the music you can’t help but dance. It sounds as good as the original.

Overall Review: ONE was pure movie madness. Despite not fairing that well on the charts I’m sure that it did good on the digital charts, well it might have gotten a few downloads. Anyway I loved how it was used as the theme song for one of the best and longest running animes ever! The title track was very harmonious and so relaxing, you could just stay on the beach and listen to it for hours with the laid-back music. I must admit that except for Hikki and maybe Ayumi I rarely enjoy all the tracks on their singles but here i enjoyed every song. What a splendid and cool way to end the Color Change! Era.

Final Grade: 100A+

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