Shining Star ☆Wasurenai Kara☆

Shining Star ☆Wasurenai Kara☆ was Tamaki Nami’s 4th single. It was released on January 28, 2004 and reached number 9 on the charts. The title track was used as the end theme song for TV Variety show Matthew’s Best Hit TV. The first press edition comes housed in a digipack. This was also the last single in the greeting Era.

Shining Star ☆Wasurenai Kara☆

1. Shining Star ☆Wasurenai Kara☆
2. Kanashimi no Valentine
3. High School Queen
4. Shining Star ☆Wasurenai Kara☆ (Instrumental)

Twinkle twinkle little star comes to mind when thinking of Shining Star ☆Wasurenai Kara☆. The song begins with that same melody at the beginning with some piano keys but then evolves into a more techno oriented song. Yet again Nami’s vocals are great, and they sound quite nice here. The music was a real turn on, very techno and dance friendly and they made the verses flow so smoothly and sounds great. I wasn’t too sure what to think of the English vocals during the chorus, but it’s safe to say that they weren’t needed. I really did enjoy that part where Nami sang, just not the others, but it was very catchy, especially with that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star melody. Could’ve been better but it could’ve been worse.

Bittersweet is the song entitled Kanashimi no Valentine. It’s not the greatest ballad in the world, but it’s sweet nonetheless. The music is spectacular along with the vocals. The violins and the piano at the beginning were great, but it just sounded so sad, but that’s the point I guess. The lyrics mention “You broke my heart” and you know it’s a love song, that’s sweet and yet bitter because of the sadness. The chorus was as great as ever, especially with the extra English vocals, and the emotion. Not half bad, too bad it wasn’t added to the album.

High School Queen is definitely something different than what Nami does. It turns out that it’s a cover of Teenage Superstar by Dutch singer Kim-Lian. That being said I don’t think this is a good cover. The music was blaring and such, but that’s not what bothered me. Nami’s vocals sounded nice and all, but the whole rock theme didn’t sit to well with me for some reason. And to top is all off the chorus was so annoying rather than fun and energetic. She’s better at singing her own songs.

Overall Review: Shining Star ☆Wasurenai Kara☆ was a twinkling single. I did love how it had a nostalgic feel due to the melody of twinkle twinkle. I fell in love with the first B-Side, but the second was luck luster to say the least. The single could have been better but overall it was good. An interesting way to end the greeting Era.

Final Grade: 92B

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  1. jiimiona says:

    +100. Respect. 😉

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