Prayer was Tamaki Nami’s 3rd single. It was released on November 12, 2003 and reached number 12 on the charts. The first press edition was housed in a digipack.

Prayer - Tamaki Nami

1. Prayer
2. real dreaM
3. NEVER STOP MY HEART -Kimi to iu Kiseki ni-
4. Prayer (Instrumental)

Finally we have a song that wasn’t featured on Gundam, and in the most cases these songs are good, and Prayer continues the trend of good title tracks. The song begins with Nami singing the chorus, and a great one at that. You become hooked from just the first few words. The chorus is addictive as ever and so amazing. I really enjoyed the guitar instrumental afterwards. Nami’s vocals are as great as ever in this song and the music is outstanding. The verses need some work but as long as the chorus is great it’s ok. This song might not be as infectious as Believe, but it is good. A reasonable follow-up to Realize.

I’m very skeptical about Nami’s B-Sides as they aren’t the best, and real dreaM was no exception. There’s a huge rock n’ roll vibe at the beginning of the song but after a while it phases into a dance vibe. Nami’s vocals were good, but I really didn’t like the singing, it sounded so odd after hearing such great A-Sides. The chorus wasn’t all that great, and neither were the verses. I English could have been better. Overall this song was just so mediocre.

The next song is a little on the lighter side, NEVER STOP MY HEART -Kimi to iu Kiseki ni- a pretty decent ballad. The lyrics were nice and all, but it’s very ordinary. The verses were so-so and the chorus wasn’t all that special really. It doesn’t stick out as some fantastic ballad. I do like this song better than the previous one, but it’s just so ordinary.

Overall Review: Prayer was a little of a step down for Nami but at least it was consistent. It was still pretty catchy and all, but it wasn’t as good. Again her B-Sides weren’t that great but it’s not new to me. I did enjoy the title track, but not to the extent of the first two singles. Not a terrible single.

Final Grade: 90B

One Response to “Prayer”
  1. glassmask says:

    I just love how you review varies artists, and not all about the chart toppers but also other songs which didnt sell very well or didnt chart very well..I met alot great artists from your site!!!

    the song is soo amazing..

    OMG I read your “Best” article..we have so similar thik excatly what I think about the songs..>_<

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