Kiseki was Koda Kumi’s 13th single. It was released on September 8, 2004 and reached number 7 on the charts with 28,509 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 60,033+ copies. The title track was TV show J League’s theme song. This was the third single in the secret Era.

Kiseki - Koda Kumi

1. Kiseki
3. life
4. Kiseki (Instrumental)
5. LOVE HOLIC (Instrumental)
6. life (Instrumental)

Although a lot of Kuu-Chan’s songs are mostly hot, flashy, and adult themed, Kiseki lit. Miracle is one of the lighter and nicer songs. You could call this song a pop ballad, ballad in that it’s slow but it still has that pop feel. The song begins with very southing music that’s somewhat light, and the violins in the beginning were excellent. The snaps and claps sounded pretty good too, but they were just so wonderful. After the thirty second instrumental Kuu begins by singing the first verses and normally it doesn’t sound that great, but for some reason it sounds so fantastic. Her vocals are at the height of perfection especially during the chorus. What I really liked was the pre-chorus. I loved the “Just like paradise” line during it all, such a great touch. That lead into the chorus that was such a thrill. I loved how powerful Kuu’s voice was and just how memorable the chorus was. And the final chorus was even better, more emotion and power!

Where as Kiseki was a ballad, LOVE HOLIC was more free spirited song. Beginning with some odd beats and music the song makes some interesting first impression. But what was the best was Kuu’s vocals they sounded so lively in the beginning. The verses were pretty entertaining, but again the chorus was the best. Besides having a little island vibe and such great instrumentals, it was so infectious. You could dance the night away and Kuu’s vocals were so fantastic. I wasn’t crazy about the little vocals during the last two minutes but other than that it was great.

It’s very hard to describe this next song, life. The song is somewhat up-beat. There are some background vocals that sound out of place. The verses weren’t all that catchy or addictive but neither was the chorus for that matter. The chorus wasn’t that bad though, it could use some improvements but overall it was tolerable. Kuu’s vocals were nice here though, so it’s not all bad. I did like the instrumentals after the chorus though, and during the bridge. This song is still very odd to say the least.

Overall Review: Kiseki was just like paradise. This single was different for Kuu, but different in this case is good. The cover of this single gave the single such a mystic appearance, it fit the mood of the single. The single was such a change for Kuu, and a good one. It was almost like anytime but better in its lightness. I enjoyed the B-Sides of this single too, one more than the other but they were good. What a great single in the secret Era.

Final Grade: 95A


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