love the world

love the world was Perfume’s 12th single. It was released on July2, 2008 and reached number 1 on the charts with 80,742 copies sold. It did debut at no.1 on the first day but feel to no.2 for the last 6 days but still claimed the no.1 spot, making this Perfume’s highest charting single. In all this single has sold over 104,470+ copies. And to top it all off this single made perfume the only technopop group to have a no.1 single. This is also Perfume’s first single since their no.1 album GAME, and marks a new Era.

love the world - Perfume

1. love the world
2. edge
3. love the world -Original Instrumental-
4. edge -extended mix-

Perfume has definitely become a new sensation and has quickly gained the limelight status, and with love the world they’re sure to enjoy it. Some very cute synth beats and dance music begins this song. Then the cute and lovely Perfume begin to sing. In those cutesy vocals of theirs they manage to make the verses sound so adorable and catchy. And when they began to sing the chorus you couldn’t help but fall under the spell of their adorable voices. The chorus was very entertaining, cute, fantastic, and addictive. And I loved the little English line at the end, “love love the world” and the way they said it was so cute!

Where as love the world was cute and adorable, edge is definitely one of those darker more typical techno songs. It begins almost on a creepy tone, with breathing sounds, but then it changes into a heavy techno tone. With about a forty second intro the girls then to sing, or just say a few things. Either way it’s very repetitive for the most part. The chorus was distinctive but it took forever to get to it. It did sound good though, even though at the beginning it was hard to hear the vocals. The lasts two minutes of the song was probably one of the more enjoyable parts of the song. They were singing and so well too, and the loud music didn’t ruin it either. This song was just way too long for me, but others might appreciate it more.

If you’re a real hardcore dance or techno fan, or just wanted to hear a longer version of edge you’ll love edge -extended mix-. This version is long lasting over eight minutes. It’s perfect if you like long dance music, but it’s not for me. The only major differences between this and the original version is the long intro and just long music altogether.

Overall Review: love the world was such a cutesy single, with a slightly darker side. I have fell in love with Perfume again as I listened to this song. I just found their vocals so attractive again! I loved how the sang it and how catchy they made it sound! As for edge, it was tolerable, I’ve heard better but it wasn’t that bad. I was just really infatuated by Perfume and this amazing single. And I loved the cover, reminded me of speak no evil, see no evil, and hear no evil! What an extremely addictive way to begin the new Era.

Final Grade: 97A

3 Responses to “love the world”
  1. NotebookDarling says:

    Ah. I’ve been meaning to listen to this single for a while.
    you’ve increased that want =o

  2. Die says:

    You should, especially if you love Perfume. It isn’t as techno and as heavily distorted as some of the tracks on GAME, but it’s pretty darn good. I suggest you listen to it.

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