Vanilla was Leah Dizon’s 5th single. It was released on June 25, 2008 and reached number 26 on the charts with 5,568 copies sold. This is is currently Leah’s lowest charting and selling single. The first press bonus of the CD only edition came with a Leah Cat sticker drawn by Leah herself. This was also the second, and final, single in the Communication!!! Era.

Vanilla - Leah Dizon

1. Vanilla
3. Kanashimi to Egao no Naka de
4. Vanilla (Instrumental)
5. LOVE SWEET CANDY (Instrumental)

After Love Paradox I was ready for somewhat of a follow-up; and I was hoping that Vanilla was it. It was originally describes as “a dance tune overflowing with R&B taste.” And I honestly had no idea how this song would turn out. It began with some very strange music, followed by some disc scratching, and out of nowhere Leah sung in English and it didn’t sound all that great. That really turned me off to the song, but I decided to listen for a little longer. The verses were so-so but as the progressed the song became better. And I really liked her vocals so I just kept listening. The chorus sounded very happy, and up-beat. Almost cute like L·O·V·E U but a little more serious and more R&B. I really liked the part after the chorus where she sang in some deep vocals, it was very nice. The bridge was very funky, synth somewhat, disc scratching at a point, just very fun, and the audience cheering was a nice little feature. I did have my doubts about this song but it turned out to be very good.

Being described as “medium tempo reggae” LOVE SWEET CANDY put many ideas into my head. Good wasn’t one of them though,and I believe I was right. It began with some drum beats and some reggae type music. The music was steady and so were the verses. Leah’s vocals were very calm and a little soft. And to be honest with you, I actually liked the verses for some reason, they were very catchy. As for the chorus, well it was very festive, and seemingly happy. It was a little catchy, but not memorable. The English was a great addition but I don’t think it made the song that much better. I think the song was very big on music and happiness, but not on quality. It was cute but that’s it, not really A-Side material.

The next song was included as a CD Only Bonus track, Kanashimi to Egao no Naka de lit. In Sadness and in a Smile. It begins as beautiful as a ballad can begin, some acoustics, a little synth, and Japanese-like music. As Leah begins to sing, her vocals seem to become more powerful. The verses sounded just lovely, and they were so fantastic. The chorus was so heavenly and so magnanimous. The English was flawless as ever and it was just so beautiful. I actually felt that this was better than the A-Side. This song should be included on the album, but won’t be sadly.

Overall Review: Vanilla was a sweet sensation filled with a variety of tasty songs, and by tasty I mean great. The title track was surprisingly good, and so vibrant. I do think it could’ve been better but for the most part it was good. And the B-Side wasn’t that great or good, but it was tolerable. I think if it was more focused on quality rather than cuteness, it would’ve been better. As for the CD Only bonus track, it was a mind blowing ballad, the perfect example of Leah’s talents. A great way to end the Communication!!! Era.

Final Grade: 92B


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