Realize was Tamaki Nami’s 2nd single. It was released on July 24 2003 and reached number 3 on the charts. In all this single has sold over 157,190+ copies, making it the no. 56 single of the year for 2003. The title track was used as the fourth and final opening theme song for Gundam Seed. This was also the second single in the greeting Era.

Realize - Tamaki Nami

1. Realize
2. Hot Summer Day
3. Ashita no Kimi
4. Realize (Instrumental)

Well after listening to Believe I decided to give this Realize a chance. Immediately I was interested in the song from the beginning, mostly with the interesting music. The chorus is one of the first things you hear, well part of it anyway. But from there I began to listen even more. The music wasn’t as heavy dance as Believe, but it was dance. And the guitars playing chronically made it interesting. The verses were really great for once, you could tolerate it. As for the chorus, well it wasn’t as addicting as Believe, but it was so good. It was very dance-able, and very Nami-like. Well it’s that genre that Nami’s became famous for. What a great follow up to Believe.

I must admit that I wasn’t really thrilled to hear Hot Summer Day, especially if this single was another Believe. And naturally I was right, this song isn’t all that, it’s more B-Side than I thought possible. It begins with some bells ringing occasionally and some people singing in the background. From there I knew that song wasn’t going to be good. The chorus was very cute- but it wasn’t in a good way. It was so corny and so childish almost. This song is just….so bad and such a waste of space.

After that horrible song I wasn’t really that sure about Ashita no Kimi. But it was placed on the album and it was longer so I was hoping it was better. It begins with some beats that gradually increase in sound until Nami begins to sing. I’m assuming she’s singing the chorus, and to my surprise it’s very nice. Anyway this song is more of a ballad, not a bad one either. It could have been better but it’s better than most of her B-Sides.

Overall Review: Realize was the perfect follow-up to Believe. I loved the title track so much, it was perfect for the opening theme of Gundam Seed! I also loved it still had that same dance flare like Believe. It still shocks me that it reached number 3 on the charts but it was that good. I really could care less about the B-Sides but they were more tolerable than previous ones. Another superior single for the greeting Era.

Final Grade: 94A-


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