SUMMER SONG was YUI’s 13th single. It was released on July 2, 2008 and reached number 1 on the charts with 83,440 copies sold. The title track was aired on the last episode of YUI LOCKS on May 29th, 2008. Like all of her previous singles this single does include an acoustic version of the previous single, but this single also included a PV on the DVD. The PV also happened to be the acoustic version, with a few minor differences. This was the first single since her previous album, and the first single in her new Era.


2. Oh My God
3. Laugh away ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. SUMMER SONG (Instrumental)

After listening to YUI’s previous album I was a little skeptical about listening to SUMMER SONG. But to my surprise I was actually thrilled to listen to it. The song begins well enough with the acoustic guitar, sounding similar to Laugh away. But then it takes a different turn melody wise. YUI begins to sing the verses which I noticed sounded very free, and somewhat spirited. I really loved how they sounded so catchy, rather than mundane and mediocre. But what I loved even more were her vocals, they sounded so great during the verses. And when she sings “Aozora” I was hooked, mostly because of her high voice at that point. And as for the chorus, well it didn’t disappoint either. It was rather vibrant and so catchy. As for the little la la la la… at the end it was a nice bonus.

The title On My God put many ideas in my head as to what this song would sound like. Well to be honest with you, it isn’t that memorable. I mean I love YUI’s songs for the most parts but it seems that her B-Sides have been lacking and this one is no exception. With an acoustic guitar and some background vocals this song begins nicely enough. The verses were a nice and YUI’s vocals were nice. But as for the chorus, well it was nice, but just nice, not exciting, not thrilling, just plain old nice. It was very mediocre, nothing out of the ordinary really. But it did use some English, so that was nice. This song is just very ordinary, nothing else.

The infamous acoustic version track was next, and I was actually glad to hear Laugh away ~YUI Acoustic Version~. This version is basically the original, with just acoustic instrumentals. It was still as exciting as ever minus the instrumentals. The chorus was still as phenomenal as ever, and the vocals were still the same! For once I can stand an acoustic version.

Overall Review: SUMMER SONG was pure summer fun, with some acoustic pizazz. I actually love this single, well the title track anyway. As for the B-Side, well it was tolerable. A superb acoustic way to begin the new Era.

Final grade: 95A


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  1. […] and memorable. At least to Mother was a ballad, the only one of two on the entire album. Even Summer Song was good, namely because it’s memorable; although I wouldn’t listen to it for hours […]

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