ONE was Ami Suzuki’s 29th single. It was released on July 2, 2008 and reached number 17 on the charts with 5,103 copies sold. This single was her first single not to be a joining single, and her first produced by Nakata Yasutaka, the producer of Perfume. And because of Yasutaka as the producer, all songs have been electronically distorted, similar to FREE FREE / SUPER MUSIC MAKER. ONE was used to mark her 10th Anniversary in the music business. This single began the  Supreme Show Era.

ONE - Ami Suzuki

1. ONE
2. A token of love
3. ONE (Instrumental)
4. A token of love (FM88 mix)

Being produced by Yasutaka, ONE has that infamous heavy techno/synth vibe, similar to FREE FREE. But this song is much better, and I mean it. It opens up with some phenomenal heavy dance music, followed by Ami singing in some great distorted vocals. And to top is off Ami is looking good, and it’s like Kuu-Chan good, maybe even better. But the verses moved so smoothly and the music was just so incredible. This song is pure exhilarating, dance music. As for the chorus, it was a mind-blower, it was so infectiously addictive. What’s even better was that it even used a little English. The PV for this song was so neon, and so cool. This song was just what Ami needed, go Ami!

After hearing ONE I was so excited to hear A token of love, however this song was a little disappointing. The song starts off like a heavy techno/trance song well enough with some very very heavy beats. But as soon as I’m ready for Ami to sing, she just ad-libs for what seems like a long time. Well afterwards she begins to sing in some distorted vocals, but this time the music isn’t as good. It’s definitely not as exciting as ONE. And as for the chorus, well I did like how she used some English but again I say it, the music wasn’t that great. If the music isn’t as good then the song will suffer. Now I did like the chorus believe it or not, but it wasn’t that strong. This song has so much potential, it’s such a shame it’s not that good.

Since the original version was somewhat of a flop I had no idea what to expect from A token of love (FM88 mix). I did notice that it was shorter so I was hoping there’d be more of a focus on Ami’s vocals rather than the music. And I was right, it skipped that intro with the music and just went into the ad-libbing. The vocals were pretty much the same, so I can’t complain. I guess this version is better, it’s similar to the SUPER MUSIC MAKER (radio edit) in the shortening sense.

Overall Review: ONE was a complete turn around for Ami. This up-beat sparkly song was just what she needed. And I was so thrilled that it wasn’t another collaboration single. It reminds me a little of Perfume’s music with the synth and techno but Ami makes it so much better. And from the covers you could get a little insight into what the single would be like, very techno dance. The B-Side could’ve been better but otherwise the single was superb. What a spectacular and impressive way to begin her Supreme Show Era of music. Shine shine number ONE!

Final Grade: 96A


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