Hello everyone! I hope things are going for you all. In case you were wondering, this post has nothing to do with forgiveness, the single by Ayumi. It’s about me asking for some forgiveness. Lately I’ve I feel that my site has been lacking a little quality and it’s getting a little boring and such. And this is also because my reviewing albums is going on be on hold for a while, its a really tiring process and I need to relax a little. Not only that, my first of hopefully many “Best Of” will be a little delayed until later this week. But be assured it will be good, hopefully. Thanks again for understanding and for your forgiveness.

And on another note: I’ll post my blog stats later this week for those that care.


3 Responses to “forgiveness”
  1. blackmager says:

    I see you’re going through a slump lately too huh?
    I’m having one.
    I just can’t seem to post.

  2. Die says:

    Yeah, it seems more like a job than a fun thing that you’re happy to do.

  3. blackmager says:

    I’m starting to lose the fun with it.
    It’s true.
    It kinda feels like a job instead of something I’d like to do.
    But it’s slowly coming back to me.

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