Dakishimeru was BoA’s 17th single. It was released on November 23, 2005 and reached number 9 on the charts. In all this single has sold over 58,436+ copies. The title track was used in a CM for music.jp; and was also written Natsumi Watanabe and produced Kazuhiro Hara, the same duo of VALENTI. The PV cause a controversy as it showed a little of BoA’s undergarments. Oddly enough, unlike the previous singles, the B-Side to this single was not included on the album. This was also the third single in the OUTGROW Era.

Dakishimeru - BoA

1. Dakishimeru
2. Before you said goodbye to me
3. Dakishimeru (TV Mix)
4. Before you said goodbye to me (TV Mix)

Dakishimeru, lit. Hold Me, or Hug Me. Well after make a secret I was expecting a let down this time, but I was wrong. This song has revived my interest in BoA. It was a little more hip, more modern, and a lot more fun. Anyway this song begins with some very modern music, followed by a few beats and then BoA singing in some fast paced vocals. During the verses she uses English a few times, even though they’re grammatically incorrect, but they’re still good. As the climax builds the last few seconds become so intense waiting for the chorus. The chorus was very fast, like the verses, not that catchy but you could dance to it. There was a little English in the chorus, and it sounded nice for a second or two. I just really wished it was longer, but that’s wishful thinking. During the bridge BoA did a narration and said a few phrases which were surprisingly good. What a great song!

Before you said goodbye to me, the ballad with a modern spin. This lovely little ballad begins with BoA singing in English, and some soft music. As she finishes singing in English, the drums and percussion instruments pick up. Then the music begins to speed up, just a little, and BoA begins to sing the verses in Japanese, and a little in English. Then BoA sings the chorus, which is quite refreshing with all the English. It’s very catchy, even though it’s a little slower paced. The lyrics were very touching here, and they went were so perfect with the music. This song could’ve replaced make a secret with ease. Too bad it wasn’t featured on the album.

Overall Review: Dakishimeru was pure modernism. This single screamed modern and cool music. With all the beats in the first song and soft beats in the second this single really stood out. What I really loved was how it incorporated so much English in every song, a new twist that worked well for her. I really only wish that the B-Side would be featured on the album like the previous singles. Finally, an up-beat, hip, and spectacular single for the OUTGROW Era.

Final Grade: 100A+



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