make a secret

make a secret was BoA’s 16th single. It was released on August 31, 2005 and reached number 5 on the charts. In all this single has sold over 54,000+ copies. The title track was used for a Kose Fasio commercial, and although the title track was promoted, the B-side won more acclaim and praise from fans. This is the second single in the OUTGROW Era.

make a secret - BoA

1. make a secret
3. make a secret (Instrumental)
4. LONG TIME NO SEE (Instrumental)

make a secret, the slow paced R&B tune. Well after DO THE MOTION, I was expecting somewhat of a followup. This song however was somewhat of a step back. It begins all slow and laid-back, like an R&B song, but there’s just no power in BoA’s vocals. The verses were very dull to say the least, and not very enjoyable. The chorus was dreadful and it was not catchy at all, I almost wanted to cry at how bad it was. There was hardly a climax and it was just so so dull. The English here did nothing for the song either, it might have actually backfired on BoA. This song is just so bad to say the least.

LONG TIME NO SEE, sweet simplicity. This song begins with some very light music, almost similar to that of the opening of the anime Fruits Basket. Then BoA begins to sing in some very nice and soft vocals. Then some drops start to hear in the background, followed by the acoustic guitar. From there the song becomes more enjoyable and more happy. Although the chorus is very short, and not that catchy, it’s still quite lovely and cute in a way. It’s a big improvement from the previous song. It’s definitely on the softer and on the cuter side.

Overall Review: make a secret was a dreadful single to say the least. The only thing that made this single worthwhile was the B-Side. Honestly after I heard DO THE MOTION, I was expecting a little a step up, or something like a predecessor, but this single was such a step down. BoA has got to come out with some better singles. I can see how this single sold so little, especially with the horrible A-Side. From the cover I expected a little something more, but all I got was disappointed. A lackluster single for the OUTGROW Era.

Final Grade: 78C-


4 Responses to “make a secret”
  1. Lex says:

    Agreed. make a secret is a huge mess but I really like LONG TIME NO SEE.

  2. lynethia says:

    make a secret is wasted potential. If the repetitions had been cut, varied the sounds, played with tempos, and had better vocals it really could have been something.
    I found LONG TIME NO SEE to be boring. It’s pretty, but it doesn’t go anywhere.

  3. dropsintheocean says:

    Haha, make a secret is one of my favourite songs by BoA. LONG TIME NO SEE is just horrible IMO. 😛

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