Neva Eva

Neva Eva was Hitomi Shimatani’s 25th single. It was released on June 6, 2007 and reached number 22 on the charts with 6,055 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 8,175+ copies. The title track was used as the opening theme song for the Nippon TV Wrestling 2007. This was also the first single in the Flare Era.

Neva Eva - Hitomi Shimatani

1. Neva Eva
2. Hakuchuumu
3. Neva Eva (Instrumental)
4. Hakuchuumu (Instrumental)

Neva Eva, the upbeat brass tune. This upbeat tune begins right away with some brass instruments and what appears to be some drum beats, and something that sounds like a small drum beat; and in all the commotion it sounds like there’s a bit of running going on; must be the fast music. Anyway after wards Hitomi begins to sing, in some darn good vocals. As she sings the music seems to accompany her and that awesome voice of hers, and the music builds up till the chorus starts to create a fun and great climax. The verses were rather enjoyable, but once again the chorus out-shined it all. The chorus was very up-beat, happy, fast, and so so fun, summer-esque if you will. And those instrumentals reinforce that. The bridge sounded a little like a jazz fest with all the brass until the other instrumentals arrive, still very nice. This song wasn’t half bad.

Hakuchuumu lit. Daydream, the island inspiration. Like the previous song this one begins right off, but this time with a heavy island vibe, made very powerful by the drums and instruments. And her vocals start just as soon as it started, and they’re a little stronger here in this song. As the verses progress they begin to sound better, in preparation for the chorus. The chorus was slow moving but it still sounded good, again the brass instruments were present giving it some jazz flare. I loved how she managed to use a little English and the fact that it was so dance like, well an island dance really. You could really feel the beats in this laid-back song.

Overall Review: Neva Eva was brass bursting with pure excitement! This is the first time I’ve seen Hitomi use the brass section so excessively and so flawlessly. I felt like I was on the edge of my seat the whole time listening to both songs. One the one hand you have a fast paced brass tune, on the other a laid back brass, island song. But overall this has got to be one of her more enjoyable singles, especially for a summer one, a fun and entertaining way to begin the Flare Era.

Final Grade: 100A+


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