Believe was Tamaki Nami’s debut single. It was released on April 23, 2003 and reached number 6 on the charts. In all this single has sold over 194,167+ copies. Nami was chosen out of 5,000 contestants for a SONY star search. At the time of the release Nami was only 15; the title track is best known for being the 3rd opening track for Gundam SEED, and that’s what skyrocketed her to stardom. The first press edition came with a Kira Yamato labeled CD. This is the first single in the Greeting Era.

Believe - Tamaki Nami

1. Believe
2. Complete
3. Can you feel my love
4. Believe -Instrumental-

Believe, the infectious techno track. The song begins with some fast moving music, followed by a guitar playing that seems to blend in followed by some more infectious dance music. After a nice interlude of music, Nami begins to sing. Her vocals are pretty good, but they’re nothing out of the ordinary. But the music makes up for that, and she even manages to make the verses sound nice. And I love how the climax builds till the chorus comes up. When it begins you hear such a force of addictive techno music, followed by Nami’s great vocals, the echoes were genius. The guitars play periodically as the music steadily flows. A really love how the chorus was so fast, so furious, and so so addicting, a lethal combination. The bridge was techno music and the guitar playing so fearlessly. I must admit that I loved the chorus after the bridge, there was no music until it built up momentum, and then BOOM, big finish.

Complete, the guitar addict. This song begins with some guitar riffs, and some very weird background English vocals, and then Nami begins to sing. When she ad-libs it’s tolerable but it still sounds so weird. The verses weren’t that thrilling and the same goes with the chorus. The English backfired here. This song is pure B-Side material, and not that great. Skip to the next song.

Can you feel my love, the laid-back sweet song. The sounds of an acoustic guitar open up this song, followed by Nami singing in some very nice vocals. The song is laid-back but Nami’s vocals are steady. The verses here are slow and a little dull. Things don’t get interesting until the chorus. The chorus moves a little faster than the verses and they’re a little more exciting. Things however don’t get interesting until the ending when she sings in English. Why must this be another B-Side sounding song???

Overall Review: Believe was supreme techno prominence, with a few minor distractions. I was really blown away by this single, there aren’t that many good dance singles out there that are as good as this one. And the fact that it was used in a cool anime was even better. The single would’ve been a lot better if there were better tracks besides the title track. Still you can’t deny that this single is good, after all it helped skyrocket her popularity. An impressive way to begin the Greeting Era.

Final Grade: 94A-

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