DO THE MOTION was BoA’s 15th single. It was released on March 30, 2005 and reached number 1 on the charts. In all this single has sold over 169,542+ copies. This became BoA’s first number 1 single and made her the fifth non-Japanese singer to have a #1 single. This was also the first single in the OUTGROW Era.


2. With U
3. Kimi no Tonari de
5. With U (TV MIX)
6. Kimi no Tonari de (TV MIX)

DO THE MOTION, smooth jazz with a hint of pop. Well one word that come to mind when i think of this song is “Damn.” This song was so different compared to songs that BoA had did and it worked for her so well. It has a jazz vibe with the music yet still keeps its pop roots. I love how BoA ad-libs in the beginning of the song and just how well she sounds throughout the song. The verses were amazingly catchy and with those impressive vocals she mastered it. The chorus was infectiously addicting as the instrumentals take you back to a different time, and her English was so good, a first it seems. This song is just so mind blowing and fantastic.

With U, the magical song. Magical in the music sense, the song…not so much. With a lovely orchestra of violins, playing some old Disney feeling music, later replaced by some R&B like beats, the song begins. BoA then begins to sing in that lovely voice of hers. From there the vibe of the music is very laid-back and those drums in the background really add to it. The verses were so-so but thankfully the chorus was very good. The chorus here was rather nice, a little goody goody with the music and background vocals, and rather catchy in a way. The bridge was a playful flute or reed playing followed by some ad-libbing and pianos. It’s an okay song, but pure B-Side material despite being on her album OUTGROW.

Kimi no Tonari de lit. Next To You. Here again we have another B-Side that was added to OUTGROW. But instead of a little pop song, we have a beautiful and classical ballad. The song begins with BoA singing with an array of violins. The verses again weren’t that memorable, but since when are they memorable? The chorus was the real treat here. BoA’s vocals were at the height of perfection along with the music. The ballad was very soft-spoken in a way, and yet powerful in others. However, despite this being a ballad, it wasn’t that good and awing, especially when compared to be with you. and LOVE LETTER. But it was still nice.

Overall Review: DO THE MOTION was a sensational single filled with smooth jazz. I have got to give it to BoA for releasing a single of this magnitude. She’s released many singles, and most aren’t that good unless they were featured in a show or two, but this single was so amazing. She really outdid herself in this single. The title track was pure jazz style with some pop, and even the B-Sides were tolerable. What a thrilling and exuberant way to begin to OUTGROW Era.

Final Grade: 97A

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