AVEX’s Brand New Artist: Maki Goto

I’m sure this is now general information now but I just recently found out that 3rd generation Morning Musume Maki Goto has now been signed to rhythm zone, a sub-label of AVEX, the same as Koda Kumi. Could this possibly be the rebirth of her popularity, or another long line of faulty sales? Anyway this is pretty interesting because after her few singles, and latest album, it seems that she’s got that Kumi-esque vibe going with sexiness and all. And I must admit that with those photos on her site she definitely knows How to use SEXY.

Maki's New Image

It’ll be pretty interesting to see what happens as most AVEX artists usually release three to four singles a year, with veteran Ayumi Hamasaki being the exception. But what will happen with this former cutesy pop idol? From her new site at rhythm zone, it appears that she no longer has that cute pop idol image, but rather a more sexy , adult image, almost similar to Kumi. However, only time will tell, but for a little start, I’ll be reviewing Maki Goto’s singles from the How to use SEXY Era, so get ready.

2 Responses to “AVEX’s Brand New Artist: Maki Goto”
  1. blackmager says:

    I’m pretty interested at how she’s going to do.
    Since she pretty much shed the idol life and I guess could be considered more of a “pro” now.

    And considering it’s avex, I’m sure she’s gonna be successful.
    If they promote her enough.
    But hey, a lot of people know her already.

  2. sardar says:

    i am want for you photo beautiful ,

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