Chase was Koda Kumi’s 12th single. It was released on July 28, 2004 and reached number 18 on the charts with 11,764 copies. The title track was the ending theme song for Samaa ~ Zuto Yuuka no Ayashii X X Kashi Chau no Ka yo!!. In all this single has sold over 21,690+ copies, which is significantly lower that her previous single. This is also the second single in the Secret Era.

Chase - Koda Kumi

1. Chase
2. Heat feat. MEGARYU
3. Chase (Instrumental)
4. Heat feat. MEGARYU (Instrumental)

Chase, pop with a touch of jazz. Well to be honest with you this song really doesn’t really seem that good, but that’s all due to sales and everything. But instead of it being dull and dreary, I was rather shocked at how nice it actually was. Some disc scratching followed by a saxophone begin the song, and then Kumi ad-libbing. The song moves very smoothly and it’s very pop, not what I expected from the cover. The verses were surprisingly excellent and the chorus was rather good. It wasn’t that catchy or addictive but it did sounds pretty good, especially with the music blaring in the background. The instrumentals were pretty good too, especially that saxophone.

Heat feat. MEGARYU, hip-hop in the flesh. Now this is the song that I imagined when I saw the cover. It’s very urban/hip-hop and the flutes and whisltes give it an indian feeling. The song begins with MEGARYU rapping and with some flutes playing, very indian like. Kumi then begins to sing in some very nice vocals. The verses were pretty bland but the chorus again was very good. It was very addicting to say the least and the background vocals were fantastic and to top it off Kumi’s vocals were prefect. However when the rappper started to rap it became very annoying. I did like how there was a part in the song where there were distorted vocals though, so it wasn’t that bad; and even when Kumi was rapping it sounded nice and normal and not so out of place. But I’m glad this wasn’t featured on Secret.

Overall Review: Chase was one unique combination of songs. It was pop with some jazz and urban/hip-hop, a very unique and different combo. I was surprised that I liked the title track especially since the single didn’t really do so well. But I also liked the B-Side, not as much due to the rapping but it was tolerable. Although after LOVE & HONEY this single seems like a step down, I can see why it didn’t sell that many copies. But overall it was somewhat enjoyable. Another nice addition to Secret.

Final Grade: 89B


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